When Mothers Cry for Peace, Patience and Wisdom

In continuation of my thoughts on mothers being heard, I just wanted to share today about the need for moms to ask their heavenly Creator for peace, not only in their homes, but all around them and beyond!  So much arguing, fussing, and fighting occur on a daily basis with so many unhappy people!  Many are miserable because of things they did or didn't do, the anger, guilt and depression continue to live on.  Rather than muster up the energy to find a solution to problems, people fight!  So let there be peace in the land, my friends!

The next point I would like to mention is mothers do cry out for patience!  Oh, we can be so overwhelmed at times with our families, projects, and other things that we become short on patience.  A little offense can be all out war on the offender.  A frequent crying child can make anyone run out the house.  Let us breathe, take refuge, find solace in chaos, and above everything else, pray.  Let go of all the obligation but for a moment and let God fill you with the energy to go on.

Lastly, I must add more and more mothers are walking this parenting journey without a wise support system.  The kind that isn't judgmental, crass, and crazy.  Religious zealots can have some moms jumping through hoops.  Controlling relatives can make some moms feel like they are losing their minds with all their Dos and Don'ts.  Then there are others who just have one idea, statement, or criticism that makes moms feel low.  Ask your God to bless you with the kind of network that sincerely means you well--no closet haters, jealous so-called friends, mean-spirited relatives who cover twisted emotions with a smile, just good ole' fashioned honest to God wise citizens. 

Are these things really too much to ask?

Stay blessed my friend.

Nicholl McGuire author of When Mothers Cry

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