What Do You Have Mother Intuition For, Yet You Don't Use It?

Fighting for this cause, crying in prayer for peace, wanting all things good for your family, but ignoring your God-given mother's intuition?  The husband says, "Don't worry about it."  A child cries, "Mom, please..."  A grandmother warns, "Are you sure you want to do that?"  Deep within you know you should be doing something else about a situation, but you don't.  Think of all the mothers who lost children, because they didn't listen to inner wisdom and let others drown "the voice" out.

"I wish I never did that to my children...I really wanted to protect them, but I didn't...If I hadn't...Maybe this wouldn't have happened," these mothers who say statements like this sometimes cry for years behind closed doors.  But what they aren't telling you is there were signs, but the grief caused them to forget.  Leading up to events, there was a knowing that something wasn't right and they failed to act.  So they go to God for peace of mind and being that He is a merciful and righteous God, they are still living and doing what they can to help others--at least those who still have their minds intact.

Now back to you, you have a "gut feeling," "something said," "God," "guide," "I"--whatever you want to call it that alerts you to danger when you are in tuned to it.  So when it comes to children, think twice, three times, and more before you drop them off with someone, walk or drive somewhere, and most of all co-sign on what they want.  Maybe you won't be their favorite person, but who cares, your role is "Mother."  Protect your children.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and other books.  Feel controlled by your own mother, manipulated to get your children to go along to get along, controlled by relatives...? Download a sample of the book today!  Be blessed.


Don't Force Yourself to React to Things Just Because It Appears to be the Right Thing to Do

A mother rushes to the aid of a child who visibly appears to be okay.  There is no crying and no bumps, cuts, and bruises.  Another mother is overly emotional due to things beyond her control like a husband's layoff, a relative's divorce, and a drunken relative who refuses to get help.  Mothers everywhere are more likely to react to these situations and others, but just because responses are typical, doesn't mean we have to perform.

Maybe it seems like the right thing to do to pick up the phone and talk with judgmental, often angry kin, walk somewhere because it is routine, or help a stranger in need, but we must keep in mind that sometimes what it appears to be just another day, might not be.  Your typical response to people and things may need an adjustment for a day or a lifetime it all depends on the who or what in different situations.  So if I am use to going down the street and having a beverage with a girlfriend, but I just feel different about it right now, chances are it is a good idea I stay home today.  You never know what might be going on or maybe nothing is happening with the girlfriend, but with me.  We have to be sensitive to signs that alter or block what we are use to doing or saying.   

So many lives have been lost because some moms just didn't think twice before they walked out the door, got in their cars and drove off somewhere.  Some could have saved quality friendships had they not started up an unfavorable conversation filled with criticism.  Others could have thought twice about dropping emotional children off with people who they knew full well aren't very nice and kind, but they just didn't think! 

A gut feeling, quiet voice, or "something said" serves a purpose to alert us to trouble especially when it comes to a routine.  Things don't always appear as they seem, but we convince ourselves otherwise because we don't want to be inconvenienced, might be lazy, procrastinate, bitter about some things, still angry with someone, etc.

As much as you might want to force yourself to do something that doesn't seem to be right in your spirit or be with someone you really don't have a good vibe about (at least for today--he or she could okay on most days), resist the urge.  Today just might not be the day for small talk, going somewhere, staying late, or dropping children off.  Pause and pray.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight and other unusual thoughts on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.   


Mothers: It's Okay to Take a Stand

When it comes to parenting children, dealing with a difficult partner, or weird relatives, why is it that some cowardly women frequently advise "...not to say this and not to do this and you shouldn't..." when loved ones have repeatedly violated your personal boundaries.  I say, "Speak up!"

As mothers we can be so laid back, cool, nonchalant at times to the point that if you give anyone in the family or even a friend an inch, you best believe he or she is going to take a mile!  From our money to our time, people will take advantage of you because you are a mother if you let them.  They do this because they think you are too busy, too emotional, too caring, too involved with your family, career, or too whatever else to put up a fight.  I admit I am not that kind of mother add a bad name to my title on a bad day and if I feel threatened, used or abused, I have to call on Jesus because I know my capabilities. 

Those who know me well recognize I love the Lord and know I appreciate all He has done for me, but there comes a point that you know when someone or a group is attempting to use you because they know you are a believer and expect you to behave a certain way (like a victim) to benefit them, but not you.

See through the foolishness!  Moms everywhere take a stand on what you innately know is righteous and true--those who have a faith know better.  You and your family will be blessed whether a wayward spouse, jealous relative, controlling in-law, or others stick around or not! 

This weak-minded, brainwashed mentality/system of who and what we are supposed to be was long over for me when I penned "When Mothers Cry."  I introduced myself to the online mother scene with that book by validating moms who were often overlooked or dismissed as "crazy" when the going got rough in their lives.  How dare a partner, ex, fellow parent, relative, child, or in-law disrespect or underestimate any mother who is doing the best she can to raise, protect, establish a relationship and most of all love her children?  Yet, I experienced this and so did people I know.  They didn't bad mouth the crack heads, the club-bangers, the women dressed like whores, drunks, etc. but it was challenged mothers for little things they might have overlooked while rushing out the door or too tired to remember.  Others said angry, critical words because they didn't understand or bothered to educate themselves on the mental changes a woman goes through after having a baby or babies--she just isn't the same--some men need to get that through their thick heads! 

When you see children are out of control irregardless of what a partner thinks or says about you, don't give up stand strong.  If you should notice your relatives have far more criticisms than compliments, you can easily shut them out and move on with your life!  When you have educators and others giving you a long list of "Please can you do..." you can always say, "No."  If you should be called upon to give yet more money and service to a cause, you can say, "I have done enough, ask someone else." 

Stop worrying over what this one and that one says, does and thinks, you are a mother and no matter what you have been through, you know your role and you know what you can handle and what you can't.  Don't let anyone define it for you!  God bless, take away your stress, and worry less!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of many books and maintains numerous blogs.  Be inspired spiritually by visiting her YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 


Teenage Drug Use - Triggers And Motivations by Mel Cairns

One of your children falling into the trap of substance abuse and addiction is one of the worst things that many mothers could imagine. However, it happens all too often. Why is it that teenagers try and become addicted to drugs? If we are aware of their motivations, we can perhaps help them to resist temptation.

It's Attractive

Illicit substances have a powerful appeal to young people. Alcohol is ubiquitous in the media, and very smoothly marketed. For people who have not yet developed the social-analytical powers needed to resist such advertising, the idea of such things as 'cool' and generally appealing quickly becomes embedded. By the time they get to actually try alcohol, they are more than eager to do so - primed by the media and social conditioning they have experienced.

It Lends Escape

Everyone goes through a degree of self-exploration during their adolescence. However, for some this is more bewildering than others. Drugs and alcohol provide an escape from the turbulence of puberty which proves perilously attractive for some.

It Lends Confidence

Teens who lack self-confidence may use alcohol or drugs as a way to become the confident, noticeable person that they want to be. High school can be a vicious environment for people stuck within their shell, so anything which helps someone out of that shell is yearned for - no matter how damaging it may ultimately prove.

It's Rebellious

Part of the process of becoming your own person involves testing the social boundaries and setting yourself against the authorities which have always ruled you. Drugs and alcohol are often seen as a great way of gaining this rebellious control.

Emotion Management

Many teens are stressed and depressed. Alcohol and drugs provide temporary relief from this, which may motivate anxious teens to try them.

For more on this, see this article.
Mel Cairns


Abused, Pregnant Women - Many Dads are I'll Prepared for Hormonal Women

Homicide is the second leading cause of death for pregnant women; the first is car accidents.

On average, 20 people per minute are victims of physical violence by an intimate partner in the United States. Over the course of a year, that equals more than 10 million women and men. 

These statistics and more are what has been reported by the Center for Disease Control.  The fact is many people are in violent relationships where things like: hitting, kicking, tripping, slapping, spitting, pushing, and more go on between adults when they are angry and this sort of behavior is accepted.  What's worse, these issues increase when a woman becomes pregnant, miscarries or has some other health issues.  Also, keep in mind that some pregnant women still drink alcohol, smoke and use drugs.  See here for facts.
Some couples, who have not experienced such things in their relationship, would consider abusive situations, "crazy," child's play, immature, ignorant, silly, and strange.  However, the mentally unstable are among us from the pregnant woman whose hormones are out of control to the man who lost his mind when he found out his job is no more, there is a baby on the way, and he has little or no savings.  So what do you think might happen between the already stressed out pair?  Emotional turmoil and war about any and everything.  The expectant dad doesn't understand why his pregnant partner is snappy, often complaining, experiencing crying spells, irritable, and impatient.  He yells, curses, or assumes she is trying to get his attention.  All of these things are a part of pregnancy.  We lose sight of the fact that what appears to be so common and routine for so many women is emotionally and physically challenging to all from at home to the workplace.  Bringing another human being in this world is not only a life altering experience but a traumatic one and a woman never returns to that person she was before having children.  Men who are wishful for the good old days, need to face this fact and neither are they the same once they become dads.  Treating a woman like a child, threatening violence because one can't understand why she acts so strangely, or doing other things to gain power and control over a hormonal woman solves nothing!  If anything, the poor baby she is carrying might be negatively impacted in some way and worse some pregnant women will retaliate putting their babies at risk of being injured.

Out of all of the statistics I read about domestic and dating violence, the one above about pregnant women dying as a result of homicides struck me the most.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard, viewed media or had a discussion about a pregnant woman complaining or even fighting her trouble-making or uncaring boyfriend or husband.  He knows full well she isn't altogether in her mind, yet he continues to treat her like she should continue to treat him like she always had, care for the children, work long hours, etc.  He expects his partner to perform for him (pregnant and all) without missing a beat.  

Being with a cold man, controlling, or mean-spirited can wreck havoc on a relationship and cause major upset.  A troubled pregnant woman can also cause much strife in the household.  Someone in the household must keep it together for the sake of the family.  The homicide fact proves a person reached his or her breaking point with a pregnant woman or vice versa.  Verbal and physical abuse does nothing more than keep couples at war with one another.  Imagine the poor baby arriving sad, nervous, and upset because of his or her unhappy parents.  No wonder some children are not as calm as others, consider the environments they are born into and the people who govern them. 

Once a man hears he is expecting a baby, there should be a nurse or doctor encouraging the couple to attend counseling sessions that specifically deal with mental health issues that might arise not just classes about baby development and deep breathing exercises.   There is plenty of health information provided about what happens monthly and after delivery (which I doubt some men even bother to read--I personally know some who didn't). But not enough is being done when it comes to preparing men for possible mental breakdowns with themselves and their partners, explosive temperaments, depression, babies that cry much, various bodily pain, and more.  We all know that bringing babies into the world is a blessing, but more awareness is needed when it comes to mental health challenges.  Having a family is not only a blessing, but one of the most challenging things one can ever do in his or her lifetime and when a person is already unstable, unhappy, uncaring, and more, it only makes matters worse.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry, mothers and fathers do get the book if you are expecting and those who know someone who doesn't have a clue about motherhood, please send them my book.  I wrote it when I had my newborn, toddler, tween and almost a teen staying with my husband and I--talk about stress!  God bless.


What They Don't Tell You Will Hurt You - Someone in the Family is a Bit Strange - Keep Children Away

Mental illness is prevalent in many families and sometimes relatives dismiss offensive or strange behaviors of those who are favorite family members just because "That's your grandmother...My parents are great! I love my Daddy...My uncle wouldn't hurt a flea.  My cousins are wild, but they're okay."  Are you sure about that?  Protect yourself and children.  Don't believe everything you here.  If you are spiritual, you know some families are cursed.  Nicholl shares thoughts here.


My 14 Top Picks for Making Easy Money from Home

Since August 2014, I've had a chance to catch up with personal projects, seek new ways to make money on the Internet, participate in school related activities, and more. 

Back in '14, I was providing temporary administrative support to a local government agency. Since then, I have continued with my part-time business, full-time working from home.  I provide a number of virtual assistance services.  There are perks at home like there are outside of it, but both are challenging at times. 

I thought I might share some of my personal findings with my dedicated readers (some since 2007--wow!)  Hopefully, this list will help someone who might be interested in doing additional tasks (that aren't stressful) for pay.  See below. (Also, don't forget to scroll to the right of this screen to a clickable link about work at home jobs--that aren't so easy and fun, but they get some bills paid):

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You can find some of my latest findings by connecting with me on Twitter at the following site:
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