Dreaming about Children, Relationships, Work?

Sometimes we are too busy to pay attention to spiritual warnings, ideas and more during our waking hours.  Therefore, our dreams will move us to think about things we wouldn't ordinarily.  What are your dreams saying to you?  Pray.  Ask God for some assistance on interpreting your dreams and do what needs to be done to bring peace to your situation.


Children, Young People Don't Underestimate Them

Children were put on this earth beyond what we think as parents.  We falsely assume that we know everything concerning our child.  We don't bother to ask what might God want us to do with them.  We throw everything at them and expect them to be okay.  But woe to that man or woman who tempts a child to do wrong, to live a godless life and act in evil and immoral ways.  Watch the video and ask the Lord to help you put your child on a righteous path that leads him or her toward the loving arms of Jesus.  But keep in mind, one's child will be faced with trials and tribulations along the way, stay in prayer.
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