Be Free from Mother's Day Peer Pressure - YouTube

You are a mother now and for years some of you have not be acknowledged for your role.  Yet, every year there is a mom in your circle that expects everyone to honor her.  You may have felt angry, bitter and ready to yell at this woman for putting so much pressure on the family to celebrate "her day."  If you are a Believer, you will want to hear this audio recording.  Get free from the bondage that comes annually this time of year--Mother's Day.  Not every mother is happy about this holiday.

Be Free from Mother's Day Peer Pressure - YouTube


Barbie Took Over Many Little Girls' Minds Growing Up

I will be the first to admit that I really enjoyed playing with my Barbie dolls when I was a child.  I played with them for hours and didn't stop losing interest until about 13 years old (and that was at my mother's prompting).

Barbie did a number to many girls impressionable minds.  How many girls didn't want longer hair, a slimmer physique, grow taller, have a Ken, get a job, and obtain everything that she ever wanted in life?  Well those little girls are now grown women and they are practically killing themselves for Barbie's lifestyle.

I have fond memories of Barbie, but I hate what the advertisers have done with her over the years.  You can't simply be everything to everyone, so give up that Barbie dream unless you want to be buried prematurely.

1980s Barbie Dolls, Barbie Toys

Mother's Day Crafts, Cards, Activities, and Worksheets

You might be interested in doing something creative with the children for Mother's Day.  So I saw this site that sparked some thoughts.  Those homemade cards are always a delight coming from the little children.  But who knows, your mom might get a kick out of your creative skills at 30 plus!

Mother's Day Crafts, Cards, Activities, and Worksheets -

Edible Gifts Under $20 for Mother's Day

I was surfing the Internet and came across this site, Figi's.  This company has been around for decades.  I remember seeing their catalogs come in the mail when I was a child.  They have all sorts of food gifts, unique gift baskets and other nice things to just show your loved ones on both Mother and Father's Day you care.  I don't get anything for suggesting the site.  I just thought it would be helpful to some of you who are on a tight budget.

Gifts Under $20


7 Things You Must Know About your Mother -in-Law Before You Shop on Mother’s Day

One. Know your mother’s personality type. Avid readers like something related to their reading, stay-at-home mothers like sleepwear, outgoing mothers like showy things, and mothers who love money don’t want empty cards!

You don’t want the fake smile or half grin on Mother’s Day because you didn’t plan appropriately. Interview your mother as soon as you can to find out what her needs maybe. It may not be a gift that she wants but help with a project. Talk with family and friends about the hints she may be throwing their way as well. Check the history pages of her Internet use to see what has been captivating her eye lately. Look for notes around the home that she has made to herself to obtain more ideas on what she may want for Mother’s Day.

If your mother likes to go out to a restaurant on Mother’s Day, then you may want to consider how crowded it may be on that day. If your goal is to have a pleasant experience with your Mother on that day but you don’t want to fight crowds, offer to take her out on another day.

Two. Know how much you want to spend and what you intend to buy before you arrive at the store for big purchases. Don’t waste the sales clerk’s time, if you use one, knowing that your budget is only a certain amount yet you let her or him direct you to an aisle you know you can’t afford anything there! Why put yourself in a position that will make you feel disappointed later? Rather, conduct research before you visit the store on what you are looking for and do remember to print out the item and the price that it is being sold for on the Internet. This simple act will save you money and time in the store.

Three. Know what place she loves to shop and avoid it! Very often if it is her favorite store she has bought many things in the store already, so you run the risk of buying an item she already may have. This is where gift cards come in handy, because this way she can enjoy a nice shopping spree in her favorite store! However, don’t select gift cards to places you know she wouldn’t ordinarily visit.

Four. Know that your mother may react more over someone else’s gift. Sometimes this happens; you spend all day trying to find the perfect gift for your mother on a limited budget then along comes your sibling, a friend or neighbor blowing your mother’s socks off! It may be hard to contain your jealousy, but consider the following: you have more money in your pocket when it is all said and done then he or she, Mother’s Day happens only once a year, and what is the likelihood that it just may sit on the shelf collecting dust by next year?

Five. Know what she already has. You can save yourself a headache by simply walking through her house and looking at all the items she has received over the years. Think about what she is using and what she isn’t. When you are trying to determine what to buy always remember to remove yourself out the equation. What you might think is right for her maybe so wrong! Save yourself the embarrassment on Mother’s Day, be a detective!

Six. Know what your siblings are going to buy her. This may be helpful if they are willing to give you some insight. However, some siblings are secretive with what they are buying mother because they don’t want to be outdone.

Seven. Know when you plan on visiting her. Let’s face it not everyone has the greatest relationship with their mother as well as the rest of the family, so try to pick a time during the day that has the least amount of traffic coming to the home. You may want to drop off your gift to her the day before, the day after or send it in the mail; however, whatever you choose to do, try to use your gift as a peacemaker. In other words, don’t give her a gift just because; instead, be sincere and write a note that speaks from your heart without being grammatically correct or mechanical like some of the writings in greeting cards. Write the way you talk, a mother who truly appreciates and loves her children will embrace your effort wholeheartedly! However, if she doesn’t seem to care what you have done for her reduce your gift-giving down to a simple phone call each year. You are still honoring her without subjecting yourself to abuse.

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