Say No Sometimes

Children get away with disrespect and other negative behaviors.  A spouse is celebrated even when he or she consistently hurts a partner.  Mean-spirited relatives and friends continue to receive annual invites to homes and other places even though they are undeserving of one's time.  What gives, Mom?  How long do you keep taking people using and abusing you?

Some mothers crack under pressure because like a pressure cooker they are tested beyond limits.  They are expected to be all things to their family, friends, co-workers and more and when they push back they are met with shocking looks, angry glares and comments about, "She is off...crazy...What the h@ll got into her?" 

Much of the stress can be prevented by saying no sometimes.  A simple no is empowering.  It makes you feel less used and stops abuse in its tracks.  You can also find resources to help with situations you no longer want to manage or help with from everything like senior citizen home care to summer programs for toddlers and other youth for those who income qualify. 

List all that is burdening you right now.  Is it a partner, children, in-laws, etc.?  Break down the issues, one by one, and come up with ways to do things differently.  Sometimes we fall into routines and we don't know or forget how to do some things to preserve our sanity.  If you are a believer, pray for assistance from your heavenly God as well as the resources to lighten your burdens.

Nicholl McGuire


Making Fun Videos - Kids Busy, Mom Happy

I didn't know what they were up to when I noticed how quiet they were.  I walked down the hall and heard giggles.  When I approached their room, the boys had a tablet in their hand and was singing and acting.  I asked, "What are you doing?  You guys have been quiet."  You would have thought I would have been most grateful for the free time, but I wasn't use to hMobile Phone, Smartphone, Tablet, Whiteow long they had been in their room.  They shared with me an app that they really enjoy.  They spend fun times communicating with friends responsibly.  It turns out some teachers and adults love it too.  I became a fan and have already shared more than a few fun vids.  Enjoy the time you will have to yourself, thanks to this great app!  Check out  Learn more here.

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