Mother And Daughter Due To Have Babies A Month Apart | 16 Kids And Count...

Update: 20 children in the family.  "Britain’s biggest family just got bigger as the Radford’s recently welcomed their 20th child. The Radfords boast Britain’s biggest brood but have said that baby Archie is, finally, their last child. The Radfords join Eamonn and Ruth, with their children, to talk about their love for their big family and the chaos of holidays!"

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Face Your Foe: When Your Foe is Your Own Offspring - Rebellious C...

Face Your Foe: When Your Foe is Your Own Offspring - Rebellious C...: A huge fight broke out between parent and child.  A son or daughter wanted to feel love, needed attention from a parent, had been repeatedly...


Make Life Easy for Yourself During the Holidays

It is already stressful enough family visiting, holiday shopping, working a job or possibly a second, cooking, cleaning, and you know the rest.  So why not make your life easy this holiday season by doing the following?

1) Delegating responsibilities.  Do you have to be the one to do everything for everyone?  Assign tasks to those in your family who can manage.  Show them how to do things as much as you can until they get them right.

2)  Avoid the holiday celebrating at your home.  If you know you are simply too busy with other things avoid entertaining at your residence.  Plan to go out and let relatives know in advance to chip in.  If you must, collect money in advance.

3) Seek to reach a compromise with your spouse.  When issues arise, choose the higher road, rather than argue until you are blue in the face.  Ask yourself, "Is what he or she requesting/wanting/doing that serious?"  When your partner doesn't want to compromise, you don't have to be the one to go along with his or her program unless of course, you want to.  Don't be used or abused this holiday season! Check out Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

4)  When in doubt, sit this one out!  It can be quite the challenge to organize, help, and encourage others, but when doubts, fears, worries, and stress are getting the best of you, address the area of confusion then take time for you to collect your thoughts, reenergize, etc. even if it means checking into a hotel for a night or two.

5)  Keep noise down in your home especially when you or someone is ill.  You can do that by choosing gifts for children and adults that are quiet this year.  Purchasing noise cancellation headphones along with gifts.  Meeting the needs immediately of whining children and difficult kin.  Cautioning those relatives who are simply too loud or just not inviting them to your next family gathering.

6)  Watch your spending or opt out of gift-giving when you are simply strapped for cash.  Many moms feel intense pressure (sometimes to the point of tears) to do for others while dads hold on to their cash tightly and sit down and watch their favorite programs on TV or elsewhere.  Why be the one to pay and decorate?  Why prepare and serve?  Why plan and visit?  Why organize and clean?  Why do more than your emotions, time, and energy can handle?

7)  Lastly, when you suffer from the symptoms of PMS, PMDD, perimenopause or some other woman related illness, do yourself and others a favor and retreat.  When you feel better, you will treat others better.

Nicholl McGuire


Like It or Not She's a Mother

For the mother who is having a hard time parenting her own children, she can either be a blessing or a curse to a relative or friend's life who is expecting.  Her occasional negativity, criticism, frustration, and anger about being a parenting can reign on the unsuspecting's parade.  Yet, one has to rise above the scorned woman and look beyond the negative scope of her views.

Admittedly I didn't plan on becoming a mother, but I also didn't plan on the mean-spiritedness to follow when I broke the news to others that I was pregnant four different times in my life.

The disappointed and judgmental attitudes that showed up on the faces of divorced mothers, mothers who just had babies, mothers who had long ago had babies and the child-free was something I will never forget.  What was wrong with these mothers?  It wasn't like I was a child having a child and even if that was the case, being mean isn't going to help matters.  Their words didn't sound like encouragement when they would say, "You pregnant?  When did this happen?  Why didn't you protect yourself?  Don't expect me to watch your baby!  Wow, I hope for the best...but what about..."

Mothers have to do a better job uplifting soon-to-be mothers.  It's unfortunate that so many moms have had their share of bad experiences which I share in my book, When Mothers Cry, but at the end of the day, your relative or friend is a new mother-- one who has chosen to bring life in the world whether the time is right or not or whether they had the baby for right or wrong reasons.

I commend those grandmothers who step up to the plate and help their daughters and grandaughters during their pregnancy challenges.  It can be such a lonely and depressing experience especially when one is pregnant by a partner who she doesn't like or love and has her share of regrets.  Those "could have, should have" conversations don't matter when a baby is on his or her way.  If anything, the words of wisdom should be about caring for one's child, coming up with additional ways to finance the needs of the child, and seeking parental resources.

With so much negativity already occurring in the world and more to come, if there is anything we should be positive about is life, ready or not.

Nicholl McGuire

Depression during the Holidays


Need a Supplemental Income? Become a Keep Designer

Recently, I got to meet an independent jewelry designer, Jamie Masselink, offline.  This young woman is making additional money running her own business via Keep Collective.  Now for those of you who have no clue who or what Keep Collective is let me briefly explain.  This is a company that offers the opportunity to customize your own jewelry.  So if you want to tell a story about your life, share hobbies, or simply give a loved one a personalized gift using an assortment of decorative charms, this is a great way to wear meaningful jewelry that can be passed down through the generations.

Keep Collective also provides an opportunity to join the company as an independent designer.  Many designers will host parties, show up at local craft fairs, market over the Internet and more to earn supplemental income.  I met Jamie at a local holiday market event and she was quite open to talk about the business and share literature.  Designers receive a 25% personal commission on each jewelry sale, free as well as 50% off on jewelry, unlimited team sales commission, and there are no deliveries or monthly sales quotas and no inventory they have to store away.

Since I know some of you moms are open to adding yet another income stream to your financial portfolio, I recommend this one to anyone who doesn't mind selling jewelry via a reputable and professional company like Keep Collective whether on a part-time or full-time basis.  I get nothing for recommending this business, but I thought I might mention it to those who are open to new possibilities.  You can get in touch with Jamie by calling 303-995-7493 to learn more and also connect with her via Facebook to check out the products and make a purchase.

To your success!



Nail Decorating can be Easy and Drama-Free this Holiday Season - Upcoming Live Event Mark Your Calendars

You know how it goes, decorating nails can be a burden.  You crack open the jar and out comes the annoying stench that everyone nearby complains about.  Then if that isn't bad enough, you spend all that time detailing your nails only for the paint to start to chip away after the first or second dish wash (sigh).  Well, I met with stylist Amanda Baugher who shared an awesome nail product by Color Street.  These nail polish strips are a base color and top coat of high quality.  They are 100% real nail polish strips.  The application is just one step and instantly dries.  The strips last up to 14 days.

When you are looking for that nail salon look in a hurry, this is the go-to nail product.  No more worrying about smudges or streaks.  This blog owner, Nicholl McGuire, will be hosting a Facebook live event on November 30th at 8 p.m. about the product giving you a chance to see the results yourself as well as how to use it.  You will not want to miss this party!  Amanda will demonstrate the ease to apply the nail strips, will be available to answer any questions, and of course events like these, you are bound to win something.  So mark your calendars!  In the meantime, if you can't wait until then, check out the nail polish strips here:  Color Street  Also, if you would like to join or add an additional income stream to your money-making goals, contact Amanda on the website, tell her Nicholl sent you and she will explain more about the business.  Have fun decorating those nails and to your business success!


Lazy Parenting, Grandparenting - ineffective, selfish, little or no discipline

You are the mother who is the least favorite in your household.  You are the grandmother who has zero tolerance for foolish behaviors coming from spoiled grandchildren.  The critics don't like you when you admit that you take toys away, spank when necessary, or don't spend money or time on children when they are acting disrespectfully.  You are angered by those whose idea of good parenting is buying everything a child wants while spending most free days sitting down watching the child play with toys or doing very little just to say, "I'm a grandparent."  As the child grows up, there are no requirements from the ineffective parent or grandparent to do anything for the household.  No teachings on gratefulness, love, forgiveness, hard work, discipline, etc.

Critics who don't believe in "training up a child in the way he or she should go..." are typically ineffective when it comes to dealing with children.  They are the ones who seek ways to do things with children without having to be too involved.  However, their suggestions tend to be lazy like an uninformative "5 Tips..." instruction list that lacks detailed strategies.  The short cuts they use only fix things temporarily, but don't get long term results.  Sure, a toddler stops crying when he or she has food in his or her mouth, but is the issue of not touching grandma's favorite items resolved?  What about the tween who knows better not to curse, but insists on dropping a few nasty words anyway?  Is telling the child repeatedly to stop cursing resolving anything?  And how about the teen who walks away every chance he gets while disrespecting his mother, sister and other members of the family?  Is a long talk going to cut the behavior?

The people who allow children to get their way while fighting those who speak wise counsel about their beloved children in an effort to combat defiance, disrespect, and other challenges are those who are still very much wounded children.  The hurting (no matter the age) often think about their feelings and what negative things transpired when they were young, that they become ineffective parents.  They project their own personal experiences on to the other parent who is attempting to raise children to be responsible.  However, the wounded parent is going to try to save the day without casting away childish ways, feelings and more.  The hurting mother or father, with unresolved issues of the past, might even use children to gang up on the other parent or grandparent in the hopes that the "big, bad mom or dad" will just disconnect from children or grandchildren, leave the family home, divorce, or separate.  The past hurts and we all have our stories, but that should have no bearing on effective discipline and healthy attempts at parenting children to be responsible, productive and quality members of society.  This is something that lazy parents fail to see, rather  they insist on holding grudges against any authority figure who corrects their children.  They believe children are often right while adults responsible for them are wrong.  Despite the lies that drip from children's mouths, the mean-spiritedness that some may have, and the psychological assessments and grade proof that show a child is troubled in some way, the ineffective parents will continue to act as if their children are "fine, good alright, okay" when the evidence says otherwise.

Lazy parents and grandparents are also selfish.  They don't sacrifice their pleasures to be proactive in children's lives.  They provide the bare minimum when it comes to parenting a child and meeting physical needs. If the requested items the children or grandchildren want keep them out of their hair then they might buy them.  The motivation for getting them is the benefit to these selfish people more so then that of the child.  Another gaming console?  No problem.  The child will be preoccupied with that rather than request wanting to be a part of a sport which would require the parent or grandparent to drive them  to many events and stay for games.  If the child has many friends, the relative doesn't have to be involved that much since Tommy and Bobby's parents are taking the kids out and about most often.

When a lazy and selfish parent or grandparent is needed to step up to the plate and do more for his or her child due to things like:  slipping grades, needed school supplies, mental health aid, and physical needs, he or she complains, finds fault with the requestors, and may even punish the child in some way.  They hate being inconvenienced and they definitely don't want to dig deep into their pockets to pay for yet another needed item that is simply no benefit to them.

Rules need not apply to the parents and grandparents who think that defying authoritarians is something of a mental game that they might personally amuse themselves with.  They encourage children in covert or overt ways not to listen to mothers, teachers, doctors, employers and others when they should.  There will be those times in a child's life where listening just might save their lives. The father who tells sons not to pay attention to mom's instruction because "she is having a bad day, crazy...doesn't know what she is talking about..." is also indirectly teaching them to ignore all other females as well including teachers.  "Listen to me, Sons..." he emphasizes, yet in time the children will stop listening to their dad when his actions are inconsistent, self-righteous, controlling, and outright disrespectful. 

The same power and control tactics used to teach Junior or daughter to ignore, belittle, mistreat, and more the other parent or grandparent will come back to haunt these children later in their personal relationships.  Not only that, the negatively brainwashed children who grow up to become adults in need of committed partners just might have a hard time having quality relationships.  This occurs as a result of the child growing up witnessing or listening to many disrespectful incidents between parents, grandparents and others.  Later, he or she reasons that being loud, threatening, violent, or even giving silent treatment to one's partner is functional behavior when in all actuality it is dysfunctional.

As much as we might like or even love some of these people, who might think that they are making life easier for their children and grandchildren with all their coddling, spoiling, and more, the truth is they are really making it harder for them.  Giving Junior everything, taking his side on just about anything, and believing one to be a great parent or grandparent just because one doesn't believe a child needs more emotional support, is doing nothing more than raising another human being who believes his or herself to be entitled.  Wait until he or she gets out into the real world, surely the spoiled one will be humbled unmercifully.

Nicholl McGuire, author of When Mothers Cry, Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and Say Goodbye to Dad.

Chapter 13 Relationship Problems - Book When Mothers Cry by Nicholl McGuire

The following is a book excerpt from When Mothers Cry, Chapter 13 Relationship Problems...

"Mothers who have been the victims of cheating are often alone in their pain; because at the time it happens there is usually no one around who can comfort them.  Even a partner who cheated will have someone to lean on to ease his pain when the relationship with his children's mother comes to an end!  A mother who has ben cheated on will agonize over the fact that she was the babysitter for her partner while he went out on his dates.  She may think of all the times she slept with him and he had been in the bed with someone else.  Her stomach churns inside because this man told her that he loved her repeatedly and had no other woman, but she learns that it was all a lie.  She suggested relationship counseling and he had excuses.  Now she has children looking up to her asking questions about "you and daddy..." and all she can say with tears in her eyes is, "You will have two houses you get to go to."  Meanwhile, she is really thinking, "How did it come to this?" While she was thinking that every couple argues, he was thinking every man needs to get away.  While she was thinking he will get over past disagreements, he was thinking, "I will find someone else."  While she was thinking about the fun time he must be having with their children while she is away, he was really toting them around so that he could visit his girlfriend.  This is the a pain that far too many mothers face!  It is a pain that sickens her stomach and causes her to go to the bathroom one too many times, because she is afraid of what more will she find out and how will she react to yet another surprise?  What secrets is he keeping from her?  What woman will call or show up at the house?  What will slip out of her children's mouths next?  What did the children see daddy do while mommy was away?

*                                                                                 *                                                                    *

If you are a mother suffering right now because of a relationship challenge, then consider getting help outside of yourself so that you can make some changes mentally.  Some of the things you can do:  attend a support group for your concern, participate in a weekly Bible study group, read books or watch programming that will help you think positively, get over your past, and forgive yourself and others.  For instance, if you are using the children to get back at your partner, stop it!  You are hurting the children more than you can imagine, because they have a natural bond with their father that was already in them before they were born.  They can't help how they feel because their father helped fertilize the seed!  If their father is coming around to see the children and he treats them respectfully and kindly then let him be a part of their lives.  If the father is incarcerated tell him to address letters to the children or take them to see him.  Children can learn powerful lessons about life whether their father is free or imprisoned.  It's up to the parents to teach the children and answer their questions as honestly as they can.  Mothers who are wounded emotionally by their mates sometimes suffocate their relationship pain by drinking alcohol, doing drugs or other useless things in order to get a false sense of happiness.  Then later, when their high wears off, their back to square one again--coping with the pain in their mind, body and spirit.  The healing process to get over relationship issues can be shortened if the mother acts with a sober mind.

Every mother should consider listening to her children.  When your child sees you are irritable often yelling, complaining, or being abusive, he or she is going to yell, act up, be angry, or be spiteful.  Children mirror their parent's behavior.  Check yourself before you check your children!  There are those women who don't bother to read a book, see their doctor, or do anything mentally or physically healthy to get them on the right track.  Strongly consider getting the help you need if you know you are guilty of flipping out on your children because you can't seem to shake the pain off of something that a man or someone else has done to you.  You may also be going through some health issues as well such as a mental disorder, perimenopause, menopause, PMS, or some other hormonal related issue.  You may not know why you are angry often.  Once you have an understanding of what is wrong with you, get an understanding with your child or children and find out what his or her issues are at school, work, family, or with you.  All it takes is a major situation like cheating to occur to wake you up to other things going wrong in your life, you can either learn from what you went through and work toward being a better person, or let resentment, bitterness, anger, and fear eat you up on the inside.  Eventually, you will die and miss out on the opportunities in life to see your child grow up to be a wonderful adult.  I honestly believe that children are our second chance at life.  They are there to help us become better people personally and professionally."

Purchase your copy today "When Mothers Cry" by Nicholl McGuire

How To Raise Your Self Esteem--After Childhood Emotional Neglect - Lisa A. Romano

Child of alcoholics.


Dr. Phil Questions a Rebellious Teen and Her Mother

Dr. Phil Questions a Rebellious Teen and Her Mother: Parenting blog for families of multi-age groups - newborns, tweens, and teens. Basic facts on raising children. Tips on shopping for children.
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