Teen Moms - Resources are Everywhere - If You Look

So I was checking for some mother support groups and what did I stumble upon?  A resource center here in Colorado to help teen moms.  The immense amount of assistance out there is staggering for a child who decided to have unprotected sex with her boyfriend or unfortunately was a victim of a sexual assault that resulted in a pregnancy. 

Hope House of Colorado has a long list of "I Needs..." on the front page of their site.  The organization's mission is "to empower parenting teenage moms to strive for personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in God’s sight, resulting in a healthy future for them, and for their children."

A pregnant teen needs information about things like: completing school, choosing quality friends, parenting or relationship advice, baby supplies, free housing, a job, a mentor, etc.  The workers at Hope House have answers.  However, with so much support out there for young parents, it isn't any wonder why some teens slip up, once, twice, three times or more, they know where to find help. 

If you are a parent who has recently found out you will be a grandparent and to be quite honest, you aren't happy about it, don't hesitate to reach out to groups in your community that help teen parents.  Start with using keywords "teen mom support groups" + "teen parent resources" for specific searches add local churches you are familiar with, human services, shelters and also include your city and state.

All the best to you!

Work at Home Facebook Live Event

Nicholl McGuire Media will be hosting a free "Work at Home Facebook Live Event." Plans are underway on and offline to help those who have a strong desire to make supplemental income in a variety of ways.  Our first online kitchen table discussion begins Thursday, February 22 at 9:00 a.m. Learn what it takes to work from home from someone who has done it for almost two decades!  See what an 18-year-old is doing to gain his additional income.  This is also a time for you to enlist the help of a professional Work at Home Coach.  Get started on working from home today!  Check out our resource page here.


The Struggle is Real with Motherhood But We Survive

No one understood my challenges regarding being a mom as much as my grandmother who passed away May 2015.  This woman who had raised four boys and a girl with little money and a cheating spouse did the best she could with a limited education.  She cooked, cleaned, and did other practical things to obtain an income.  As her granddaughter, I was very empathetic of her lifelong struggle and tried my best when in her presence not to give her grief.

Now that I am older, I realize the value of those connections one makes with a mother who has been through far more than you.  Sure, we have our moments where we feel good about being mothers, but we also have those times when we "feel down in the pits," as Grandma described her state of mind one day.  It helps to get around people who can relate to what you may be going through while providing you with a bit of wisdom.

Whatever you do, don't close yourself off to the world.  So many mothers do that once children are born.  They act as if there is no one or nothing but spouse and/or children that complete them and that is just not true!  Children grow up and move on with their lives if they have been raised by functional parents.  Husbands and wives have been known to divorce one another.  You are more than just a mom, you are a woman with a heartbeat, a soul, emotions, etc.  Take care of you!

Grandma reminded me often to check in with how I feel and to look in the mirror and say, "I love you, Nicky."  She didn't mind telling you what you looked like when you were in her presence.  If she felt you were abandoning self by letting one's appearance decline, she told you so.  "Don't let that man ruin you...Don't let those children run you ragged!"  Her eyes meant business and she had every right to scold us, moms, because that's just what we were doing at times.

So if you are that mom who is down in the dumps and just feel plain bad, muster up all the strength in you to snap back.  Life is too short to let others bring you down.

Be encouraged this day!

All the best and many blessings to you,

Nicholl, Blog Manager and Owner


Mother And Daughter Due To Have Babies A Month Apart | 16 Kids And Count...

Update: 20 children in the family.  "Britain’s biggest family just got bigger as the Radford’s recently welcomed their 20th child. The Radfords boast Britain’s biggest brood but have said that baby Archie is, finally, their last child. The Radfords join Eamonn and Ruth, with their children, to talk about their love for their big family and the chaos of holidays!"

See this, Broadcast on 03/01/2018


Face Your Foe: When Your Foe is Your Own Offspring - Rebellious C...

Face Your Foe: When Your Foe is Your Own Offspring - Rebellious C...: A huge fight broke out between parent and child.  A son or daughter wanted to feel love, needed attention from a parent, had been repeatedly...


Make Life Easy for Yourself During the Holidays

It is already stressful enough family visiting, holiday shopping, working a job or possibly a second, cooking, cleaning, and you know the rest.  So why not make your life easy this holiday season by doing the following?

1) Delegating responsibilities.  Do you have to be the one to do everything for everyone?  Assign tasks to those in your family who can manage.  Show them how to do things as much as you can until they get them right.

2)  Avoid the holiday celebrating at your home.  If you know you are simply too busy with other things avoid entertaining at your residence.  Plan to go out and let relatives know in advance to chip in.  If you must, collect money in advance.

3) Seek to reach a compromise with your spouse.  When issues arise, choose the higher road, rather than argue until you are blue in the face.  Ask yourself, "Is what he or she requesting/wanting/doing that serious?"  When your partner doesn't want to compromise, you don't have to be the one to go along with his or her program unless of course, you want to.  Don't be used or abused this holiday season! Check out Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

4)  When in doubt, sit this one out!  It can be quite the challenge to organize, help, and encourage others, but when doubts, fears, worries, and stress are getting the best of you, address the area of confusion then take time for you to collect your thoughts, reenergize, etc. even if it means checking into a hotel for a night or two.

5)  Keep noise down in your home especially when you or someone is ill.  You can do that by choosing gifts for children and adults that are quiet this year.  Purchasing noise cancellation headphones along with gifts.  Meeting the needs immediately of whining children and difficult kin.  Cautioning those relatives who are simply too loud or just not inviting them to your next family gathering.

6)  Watch your spending or opt out of gift-giving when you are simply strapped for cash.  Many moms feel intense pressure (sometimes to the point of tears) to do for others while dads hold on to their cash tightly and sit down and watch their favorite programs on TV or elsewhere.  Why be the one to pay and decorate?  Why prepare and serve?  Why plan and visit?  Why organize and clean?  Why do more than your emotions, time, and energy can handle?

7)  Lastly, when you suffer from the symptoms of PMS, PMDD, perimenopause or some other woman related illness, do yourself and others a favor and retreat.  When you feel better, you will treat others better.

Nicholl McGuire
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