The Call to Stay Home with Children: A Radical Message

Hello, and thank you so much for taking the time to stop by this blog. Today's post is thought-provoking and challenges societal norms. We often accept messages about relocating, pursuing new relationships, or taking on higher-paying jobs. But there seems to be resistance when it comes to the idea of being called to stay home and take care of our own children. Why is that?

Some people argue, "You brought those children into the world, so it's your responsibility." They question whether God truly called you to motherhood or if you simply chose it for yourself through unprotected actions. But here's the thing, when you know deep down that you haven't been called to do something, the journey becomes much harder to navigate.

Some individuals were called to stay home with their children, even without a partner. They found a way to make it work because they knew it was their responsibility. I remember a woman I spoke to who had a special needs child. She didn't have a man in her life, but she was called to bring that child into the world. And God made a way for her to stay at home and take care of her responsibility.

I, too, was called to stay home with my children. At first, I resisted the idea because I thought I would go back to work after having the baby, just like I did with my first child. But God intervened and reminded me of my regrets about not being there for my first child. So I had to wrap my head around the fact that I was called to stay home.

But staying home meant cutting down on expenses significantly. We didn't have a house, so we had to find an affordable apartment. We didn't have a car either, so we had to rely on public transportation. It was a drastic change, but I realized that living below our means reduced our responsibilities and stress levels.
In the past, families didn't rely on childcare services like we do today. Grandmothers and great-grandmothers took care of the children while parents worked. But now, we've become so focused on maintaining a certain lifestyle that we forget the true responsibility of raising our own children.

Instead of complaining about the rising costs of childcare, we should be finding ways to live within our means so that we can be there for our children. If we believe that God blessed us with our families, then we should believe that He wants us to be with our children.

I understand that not everyone is called to stay home with their children. Some people have demanding jobs or other responsibilities that prevent them from doing so. But for those who are called, it's important to prioritize our children over luxuries and conveniences.

Sometimes, the responsibility falls on grandparents or other family members. But there is an expiration date on their help. We can't keep relying on them forever. We need to take the initiative to find the necessary resources and support to fulfill our calling.

It's not easy, and there will be challenges along the way. But we must remember that we brought these children into the world, and it's our responsibility to take care of them. We can't keep blaming others or expecting them to do the work for us.

For those who are struggling with the financial burden of raising children, there are nonprofit groups, financial and career counselors who can provide assistance. We need to humble ourselves and seek help when necessary. It's not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and love for our children.

There are also situations where parents are called to take care of their adult children. Life can throw unexpected challenges at us, and sometimes our children need us more than ever. We must be willing to step up and provide the support they need, even if it means making sacrifices.

In conclusion, the call to stay home with children is a radical message in today's society. It challenges our priorities and forces us to reevaluate our lifestyles. But if we truly believe that God blessed us with our families, then we must answer the call to be there for our children. It may require us to make difficult choices and seek help when needed, but the impact it will have on our children's lives is immeasurable.

Let us embrace the responsibility and privilege of raising our own children, knowing that we are shaping the future generation. May we find the strength, resources, and support to fulfill our calling and provide a loving and nurturing environment for our children. 

Nicholl McGuire is the owner and contributor to this blog. See the podcast about this topic below, be blessed!


Wisdom and Encouragement for Those Over 40 for Moms and Dads

As we age, Moms and Dads, we often face unique challenges and experiences that younger individuals may not fully understand. I recall those days when I simply didn't get what we now call "seniors" and now I am considered "old" by those younger than me. It is important for those of us who are over forty to come together, share our wisdom, and support one another. In this article, I will delve into some of the key themes that resonate with people over 40, drawing from a recent message I shared on my podcast and an article I came across. Through these discussions, we can find encouragement, validation, and a sense of community.

The Midlife Crisis and Embracing Aging

One of the topics that often comes up when discussing life after 40 is the midlife crisis. Many of us have encountered individuals who, despite being established and successful, take an interest in younger people. This phenomenon can be attributed to midlife crisis and andropause in men, and menopause in women. These transitional periods can lead individuals to question their purpose and seek validation from younger generations.

As we navigate these challenges, it is important to remember that aging is a natural part of life. We should not let societal pressures or negative comments about our age affect our self-worth. In fact, the Bible tells us that gray hair is a crown of splendor, a symbol of wisdom and righteousness (Proverbs 16:31). So, the next time someone suggests that we dye our grays or associate our age with stress, we can confidently respond by embracing our natural beauty and the wisdom that comes with it.

Overcoming Ageism and Stereotypes

Unfortunately, ageism is a prevalent issue that many of us face as we grow older. We encounter disrespectful comments and demeaning conversations that undermine our abilities and worth from our own family members to coworkers to mass media. People may question why we are still working or pursuing new goals, assuming that we should be retired or taking a backseat in life.

It is crucial to remember that age does not define our capabilities. We have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills that younger individuals may lack. We should not allow others' ignorance or stereotypes to discourage us. Instead, we can use these moments as opportunities to educate and challenge societal norms.

The Importance of Self-Care and Health

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to prioritize self-care and maintain our health. We may experience new aches and pains, but it is essential to listen to our bodies and make necessary adjustments. This could mean taking breaks, adjusting our exercise routines, or making dietary changes.

Additionally, we should be mindful of our mental and emotional well-being. Stress, sugar consumption, and lack of sleep can all impact our overall health. By taking care of ourselves, we can continue to bear fruit in our old age, staying fresh and green (Psalm 92:14).

Navigating Changing Relationships

As we age, our relationships may also evolve. We may find ourselves caring for aging parents or experiencing shifts in our friendships and family dynamics. It is important to approach these changes with grace and understanding.

For those who have children, it is crucial to maintain open lines of communication and foster healthy relationships. We should strive to be patient, kind, and understanding, even when our children may express frustration or anger. By modeling love and respect, we can build stronger connections and avoid potential conflicts in the future.

Embracing Technology and New Experiences

Technology is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging for older individuals to keep up. However, it is important to embrace new experiences and adapt to the changing world. Learning new skills and staying connected with loved ones through technology can enrich our lives and keep us engaged with the world around us.

While it is understandable to have reservations about certain aspects of technology, such as online shopping or digital communication, we should strive to find a balance that works for us. It is okay to prefer traditional methods, such as receiving mailed bills or paying by check, but we should also be open to exploring new possibilities.

The Power of Wisdom and Endurance

In conclusion, as individuals over forty, we possess a wealth of wisdom, experience, and endurance. We have overcome challenges, navigated life's difficulties, and acquired valuable knowledge along the way. It is our responsibility to share this wisdom with younger generations and guide them on their own journeys.

We must also remember to take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, and embrace the aging process with grace and confidence. By doing so, we can continue to bear fruit in our old age and make a positive impact on those around us.

As we move forward, let us support one another, challenge societal stereotypes, and embrace the opportunities that come with age. Together, we can create a community that celebrates the wisdom and experiences of those over forty and inspire future generations to do the same.

Nicholl McGuire is the manager and contributor of this blog, When Mothers Cry. Check out her books here.

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