The Dress Every Mom Should Have in Her Closet

As a girl, I would spend hours picking out what I was going to wear for a given occasion. The first day of school, the winter dance, a classmate’s party… I had a look for all of them. These days my “look” is less styled and more strategic; what color shirt will hide food stains? What fabrics move with me throughout the day?

You’re about to thank me, ladies, because I have found an outfit that isn’t just comfortable and practical, but it’s also SUPER cute. Let me introduce you to the sweatshirt dress. 

This throw-on-and-go piece is lined with super soft fleece that you could lounge in—but it’s acceptable to wear almost anywhere your day takes you. It’s long enough to be modest without restricting your stride. The black cotton-poly blend hides stains (because, kids) and can be washed and re-washed and still retain its quality. I find myself stashing those little things you always need on hand (tissues, hand sanitizer, you know) in the very convenient kangaroo pouch on the front. Best of all, you don’t have to think too much when you get dressed in the morning— that time is better spent with your kids.

You can easily make the sweatshirt dress your own with the right accessories. Want to give off a sporty vibe? Pair the dress with hiking boots, a denim jacket, and aviator sunglasses. Are the winter winds blowing? Layer with tights and top your look with a slouchy beanie before you fortify with your favorite puffer jacket. For an Alexa Chung inspired look, layer preppy pieces like a blazer and slip on your knee-high boots. Or you can keep it simple and just wear your favorite sneakers—you’ll still get compliments, trust me.

Get the Fabletics Yukon Dress  for $29.97 when you sign up for their VIP program. Learn all about the Fabletics VIP program on The Krazy Coupon Lady


Prepare Yourself for the Side Effects of Family Holiday Events

Author of When Mothers Cry, Nicholl McGuire, addresses the audience at with an informative message about family issues that occur long after the celebrating.  Prepare you and your family before you attend the next family holiday event. Side Effects of Family Holiday Events


Book Offers Tips on How to Save Year Round, Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Do you ever feel like some of these stores are simply taking advantage of you, Mom?  They expect you to shop at their stores even if they don't offer something as small as free shipping.  Then they have the audacity to offer a meager 10 or 20% off discount on your next purchase!  Seriously, who needs these rip off stores?  You can take a stand!  You don't have to shop when big name stores tell you to. 

I created a book for savvy shoppers, people who want to do better when it comes to shopping before, during and after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Please show your support and check it out.  This is a guide to help you search for the best deals year round including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Enjoy!  If you like, please review.  It is now available as a printed book, click here.  But if you prefer the e-book version, shop here: Black Friday, Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round by Nicholl McGuire
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