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Asking God for Freedom via Death

Look to The Future Moms - There will Be Better Days


Feel Crazy? Thoughts to Ponder

It is something that we just don't discuss.  We know what people might think.  We worry what others might do.  So we say nothing.  We feel crazy sometimes.  We feel like we are going out of our minds. Work pressures, children's needs, a partner's requests, bills and more can leave anyone feeling like they are going insane.  But you will be alright!  You know why?  Because you are self-aware.

There is no denying the truth.  The health woes, pains, and uncertainty about the future are all clear signs that you have to scale back from some activities, visit a doctor or counselor, and if you have a faith, pray.  Many moms end up in their graves prematurely, because they prefer to run from the truth. They never want to admit that they are in mental, physical, financial, or spiritual trouble.  "I can handle it.  I'm okay.  I don't need your help," says stubborn mom who refuses to get treatment for anything and doesn't want to "bother anyone."

The truth comes out--it rears its ugly head sooner or later.  "I didn't know Mom was that sick," says a son or daughter.  "I really thought she was taking care of herself."  So many mothers don't and their families pay as a result.

So if you ever wonder why a mother loses her mind, goes off the deep end, acts as if she doesn't need anyone, or seems like something is a bit off about her, know this, she felt crazy long before she reacted.  She reached a point when she could no longer help others or herself.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and other books.  Check out her YouTube channel, spiritual audios.


Are You Open to Building Up More Ways to Make Money?

There are so many advertisers, marketers, business owners, and more seeking mothers to work for them.  Some of these companies sincerely have our best interests at heart, but others not so much.  For almost two decades I have scoured many sites looking for ways to add to financial portfolio.  Some of the things I have done online and got paid (some things I still participate in):

1.  Take surveys
2.  Post reviews
3.  Market products
4.  Sell products and services
5.  Listen and comment about music, movies, and more.
6.  Promote and sell my own books, household goods, etc.
7.  Type
8.  Proofread
9.  Research
10.  Share links on social media sites.
11.  Read email
12.  Sell advertising space
13.  Sell articles
14.  Test products from home
15.  Watch videos
16.  Perform general Internet searches
17.  Upload images

Now offline I have also made money and continue to do so in a variety of ways:

1.  Sell products and services
2.  Organize and clean residences
3.  Customer service
4.  Provide administrative support (type, file, fax, process paper work...)
5.  Volunteer and then later get paid for publishing services
6.  Market research
7.  Write
8.  Proofread
9.  Edit
10.  Perform in plays
11.  Babysit
12.  Perform errands
13.  Shampoo carpets
14.  Assist with accounts payable and receivables
15. Create crafts and sell at flea markets, churches, etc.

This list is meant to help those of you brainstorm for more ways to make money.

Some other things to consider:



Innocence Lost - Exposing The Elite Pedophiles That Prey On Our Children

Sexual abuse is still alive and well.  Mentally ill relatives. family friends and strangers are watching. You think you are stressed now?


Women Wealth Warriors Luncheon, Pasadena CA

Whether you are in business or looking to start your own business from home, you might want to attend an event in Pasadena, California for women seeking a bit of enlightenment and empowerment.

Shepherd's Door, domestic violence resource center, will be hosting the 7th Annual Women, Wealth Warriors Luncheon on Saturday, March 19th 2016 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 393 N. Lake Avenue Church, 4th floor Sky room in Pasadena.

Host and moderator will be Sunda Croonquist. KABC7 Anchorwoman Coleen Sullivan will also be moderating.  Our very own Nicholl McGuire, author of When Mothers Cry, will be participating in a panel discussion about entrepreneurship along with other successful women including:  Shamallia Pennington (Guest Speaker) author of Waiting on God to Waiting in God, Dr. Regina Edmond Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Liza Bourdan HealWith Counseling and Mental Health Clinic, Vanessa Tarzian Attorney Estate Planning/Trust & Wills, and Carla Burgues Realtor of Aaroe Group.

If you would like to attend this inspirational event, do RSVP by calling 626-765-9967 or email


Do You Have Motherly Wisdom, Advice, and Other Useful Information?

Calling all moms that have something meaningful to say!  We know you do that is why we are reaching out.  For years, we have featured mothers around the web share their highs and lows related to motherhood, relationships, business, spirituality, education, money, and more. 

So what is on your heart today?  Share it with our audience who has been with us for many years now.  Send all correspondence with links, resources, and more to 


This Blog Started with a Book About the Issues that Mothers Cry About

When I began this blog as a stay home mother with four boys in all age groups (newborn, toddler, tween, and soon-to-be teen), I did so using various chapters from my book entitled, When Mothers Cry.  In time it evolved with guest writers sharing their views as well as video makers expressing their thoughts, and now it is ending with you viewer, feel free to comment and share links. 

The information on this site is timeless!  Do check out whatever your issue may be or share this site with someone who needs to hear, "You are not alone...You can't be all things to everyone...It is okay to cry!"  A special thank you to those who have spent many years following us and spreading the word about When Mothers Cry, God bless you!

Nicholl McGuire
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