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If you are interested in reading material about parenting and baby care, we are recommending our latest parenting resource, Baby Care Weekly.  This site offers useful articles to help with parenting a baby, toddler or big kid.  You can also reach out to "Aunt Dotty" with your parenting questions and concerns.  There are also recommended products on the site like this one if you are a mom who wants to listen in on your baby in the next room.  So do check out this resource and thank you as always for showing your support When Mothers Cry readers. 

Many blessings to you and your family!


I AM Mother - We Have a Voice - A Spiritual One

God, the great I AM.  A mother wouldn't be a mother if it wasn't for Him.  Yet, so many act as if they suddenly appeared one day after an act of pleasure between parents and that was all it took--no God just a being.  It takes an awesome Creator to propel a spiritual movement.  In this season, the fight isn't of the flesh, but of the spirit.  Elitists rituals took place behind the scenes, the raising of occult spiritual warfare and someone's child or many were sacrificed through the process. 

The world that we currently live in is one that is systematically designed to benefit not you mother, rather the plan is to put you on birth control or in some cases depending on where you live, make you sterile.  The plan is not to make bringing life into the world an easy feat.  You are hated by those who can't have children, people who have been abused by adults (mothers), and these same people don't like children much unless they supply selfish needs.  But in time, these child-haters grow weary of them even when they are beneficial, because children require care.  Selfish, lazy and ignorant people aren't the least bit interested in meeting any needs beyond what is required.

Some of you need to get my book, "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry" by Nicholl McGuire before you end up with that child who says one day, "Yeah you are Sorry!  What about us?  Our future!"  Ouch! When there is a lot going on within the family, there is no coming together to do too much of anything.  So don't beat up on your sisters who are already at capacity with things to do and others who have their share of mental and physical challenges.  Yet, for some women, I get it, the ones who have a platform but don't use it, for them I Am Mother becomes I Don't Give a D*mn!  I am afraid that some wealthy women have been wearing a t-shirt like that for a long time.  If the problems aren't in their backyards, they just don't care.

So here I sit in front of one of the best inventions known to man, but then it is also a curse because my children are on this thing (computer) whenever they have a free moment.  So  I have to remind them of things like chores and the consequences when things aren't done.  Electronic privileges are then suspended.  Yes I am mother and I put my foot down on disrespect and not listening!  Yet, I feel some moms need to take a good long look at just how much power they sincerely do have and how they can work it to their advantage not just at home but online and elsewhere.  That power goes beyond any march.  Look at what you have in your arsenal:

You have money and businesses want it. 
You have children and schools want them. 
You have a partner and lawyers would love for you to break up. 
You have possibly a home, car, savings, etc. and someone is benefiting every time you pay a bill.  You may also be one with a bit of time if you are at home on most days.  So you can start up niche protests that address specific needs and slowly but surely send a powerful message to Washington. 

We take stands not only out there in the public or online about our causes, but with our family too, right!?  If anything, we should be ensuring our homes are straight and things are under control there before joining any fight.  The truth be told, we are already away from our families a lot whether mentally, physically or both.  So if it isn't really a fight that is relevant and impactful to you, community and/or the nations, then hey, you can do more important things with your money and time.  Yet, if the fight is coming where you are, then be prepared to take a stand.  Don't cower!

The I AM movement left God out.  The I AM woman movement left God out.  So what does I AM have to say about it?  Silence.  Unless I AM is in the plan whether at home or out on the streets, there is no long-lasting change no matter how much we pray. 

To all mothers everywhere, as we move full steam ahead with another hardship, cause or something else on our minds, know that any war you wage must come from a place of forgiveness, love, peace, and freedom to make the biggest BOOM on an individual or establishment.  "I forgive my enemies, but I don't sleep on them...I see their strategies; therefore I expose them.  I love my family, country, self, etc. so much that I will not sit by and watch us mentally, physically or spiritually fall.  I desire peace, but I am willing to fight to get there.  I believe in freedom, but sometimes we have to go through slavery to get there."  Understand? 

The women fighters of yesteryear were compassionate for all and fought with a fervor that didn't quit and with a faith that sustained them until their last breath!  They separated the weak from the strong and went after what was rightfully theirs!  They looked at how their fight for their children, money, life, and more benefited all not just in the now but in the future too!  They built alliances with influencers and people who were like them compassionate--there was no "I hate..." this group and that one.  You don't fight with the people you need to help steer the ship.  Keep that in mind no matter where you are in the board room, school room, in the bedroom, or in the White House.

Cursing at Satan's workers doesn't get the job done either nor does brow-beating people about their apathy.  A Holy Spirit driven movement is continuous and comes in many forms beyond a voter's booth, a t-shirt, a march or public gathering for television cameras. 

The very least one can do is say a prayer and hope for the best.


How to Teach Children Repentance - change mind about sinful ways


Household Products that Have Been Most Useful to Me

When it comes to parenting children it can be a bit difficult, but when you have a few useful products around the apartment or house it can make life a bit easier.

1)  One product I recommend is the Power Pressure Cooker XL 8 Quart, Digital Non Stick Stainless Steel Steam Slow Cooker and Canner I have saved so much time preparing chicken, steak, beef roast and more with this item--I still have by the way! Food was frozen sometimes and I needed to cook it fast.  So all I did was pop the edibles in the cooker and less than an hour later we were all seated down at the table eating!  The meats were soooo tender!  Enjoy!

2)  The next item I really like and helps me get the wrinkles out of clothes rather quickly is
PureSteam XL - High-Powered Standing Fabric Steamer with Garment Hanger and Fabric Brush With this product I am able to get a week's worth of clothes done within minutes, seriously!

3)  My last time-saving recommendation of the day is Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner  One of my children was quite ill and ended up not making it to the bathroom so thank God for this cleaner! I was able to tend to the upholstery and carpet rather quickly and the stains came out!

All the mentioned items were and still are priced reasonably well.  I am pleased with them. Any items featured on this site and purchased helps keep this blog strong.  So I do encourage shoppers to click on links provided and to check out our partners' sites along the right side of your screen.  Many of these reputable companies have been with When Mothers Cry for years--almost a decade!  So thank you in advance for your support!  Feel free to leave comments and subscribe for the latest useful blog posting.

Have a great day!



“Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter”

A Unique Tool to Nurture Our Mother/Daughter Relationships

Mother and daughter relationships can be so special, yet also complex and challenging at the very same time.  How do we connect, communicate, and co-exist with one another, and also nurture and embrace one of the most important relationships of our lives?  Being intentional, taking time, finding ways to communicate, trust, understand, accept, encourage, love and have fun with one another is critical in building a meaningful relationship with our daughters.  But how? In the busy lives we lead, in all the noise of everyday life….work, school, activities, other relationships compounding our time… it is challenging to find one-on-one time, with our young daughters and our teen daughters, challenging to know how to talk to one another, especially with those shy topics…challenging for us moms, and even more challenging for our daughters. One mom and her daughters tackled these challenges by developing a creative solution, in their “Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom & Daughter” by Kai Kai Brai. A 190 page shared journal/ memory book for moms and daughters, created by a mom and her daughters, is a beautifully designed tool to help nurture mom and daughter relationships by encouraging communication using journal prompts and pages, shared creativity with create pages, and girl time fun with girl time bucket lists, memory scrap book pages, and other creative elements, giving a unique way to embrace these special relationships today, while also building a long-lasting relationship and keepsake of memories to look back on tomorrow. This private, special place of connection for mom and daughter allows a place for deep thought and light fun all in one place.  The mom who created this journal said her own mother always said to her growing up “You can always tell me anything”…this was always in the back of her mind growing up, knowing she could share anything with her mom, and this message rang in her ears as she began raising her own daughters…so very fitting they decided to call their special shared journal “Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter”, because sometimes (many times) in our lives, a girl just needs her mom.  To see more about this special and unique journal, and the mom and daughters who created it, visit
Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter
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