“Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter”

A Unique Tool to Nurture Our Mother/Daughter Relationships

Mother and daughter relationships can be so special, yet also complex and challenging at the very same time.  How do we connect, communicate, and co-exist with one another, and also nurture and embrace one of the most important relationships of our lives?  Being intentional, taking time, finding ways to communicate, trust, understand, accept, encourage, love and have fun with one another is critical in building a meaningful relationship with our daughters.  But how? In the busy lives we lead, in all the noise of everyday life….work, school, activities, other relationships compounding our time… it is challenging to find one-on-one time, with our young daughters and our teen daughters, challenging to know how to talk to one another, especially with those shy topics…challenging for us moms, and even more challenging for our daughters. One mom and her daughters tackled these challenges by developing a creative solution, in their “Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom & Daughter” by Kai Kai Brai. A 190 page shared journal/ memory book for moms and daughters, created by a mom and her daughters, is a beautifully designed tool to help nurture mom and daughter relationships by encouraging communication using journal prompts and pages, shared creativity with create pages, and girl time fun with girl time bucket lists, memory scrap book pages, and other creative elements, giving a unique way to embrace these special relationships today, while also building a long-lasting relationship and keepsake of memories to look back on tomorrow. This private, special place of connection for mom and daughter allows a place for deep thought and light fun all in one place.  The mom who created this journal said her own mother always said to her growing up “You can always tell me anything”…this was always in the back of her mind growing up, knowing she could share anything with her mom, and this message rang in her ears as she began raising her own daughters…so very fitting they decided to call their special shared journal “Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter”, because sometimes (many times) in our lives, a girl just needs her mom.  To see more about this special and unique journal, and the mom and daughters who created it, visit
Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter

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