Are You Open to Building Up More Ways to Make Money?

There are so many advertisers, marketers, business owners, and more seeking mothers to work for them.  Some of these companies sincerely have our best interests at heart, but others not so much.  For almost two decades I have scoured many sites looking for ways to add to financial portfolio.  Some of the things I have done online and got paid (some things I still participate in):

1.  Take surveys
2.  Post reviews
3.  Market products
4.  Sell products and services
5.  Listen and comment about music, movies, and more.
6.  Promote and sell my own books, household goods, etc.
7.  Type
8.  Proofread
9.  Research
10.  Share links on social media sites.
11.  Read email
12.  Sell advertising space
13.  Sell articles
14.  Test products from home
15.  Watch videos
16.  Perform general Internet searches
17.  Upload images

Now offline I have also made money and continue to do so in a variety of ways:

1.  Sell products and services
2.  Organize and clean residences
3.  Customer service
4.  Provide administrative support (type, file, fax, process paper work...)
5.  Volunteer and then later get paid for publishing services
6.  Market research
7.  Write
8.  Proofread
9.  Edit
10.  Perform in plays
11.  Babysit
12.  Perform errands
13.  Shampoo carpets
14.  Assist with accounts payable and receivables
15. Create crafts and sell at flea markets, churches, etc.

This list is meant to help those of you brainstorm for more ways to make money.

Some other things to consider:



Fahad Khan said...

Media should spread awareness about mental disorders
An interesting article that most people, especially women, should read is Girl Interrupted printed in You magazine.
Pakistanis are suffering from various forms of depression and anxiety but they seldom know what it is and so they don't seek a treatment for this. They continue to suffer for years without even trying to find a relief. People don't understand that they are suffering from mental disorders. Unfortunately, mental is used in a bad way which usually means insane.
The main reason for this is the lack of awareness about anything that is linked to psychology. When anyone talks about psychology people think of mental asylums and electric shocks. This is because many people have no idea that there is a lot more to explore in this field.
Also seeking any form of counselling or therapy in Pakistan is almost taboo, although they will seek the help of a herbal healer or peer.
This article touches some important things like bi-polar which is a relatively new for our society, as well as PTSD and schizophrenia among other psychiatry issues.
It is requested that more efforts to highlight such important issues in the media are taken in Pakistan, so that people can seek the appropriate help without causing more distress to those suffering.

Nicholl said...

I agree with your comment. So these women are left trying to figure out what is wrong with them or others around them are telling them nothing is wrong. It is a sad reality. I am glad you shared this, you are clearly doing your part. And thanks to for stopping by and offering your input.

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