This Blog Started with a Book About the Issues that Mothers Cry About

When I began this blog as a stay home mother with four boys in all age groups (newborn, toddler, tween, and soon-to-be teen), I did so using various chapters from my book entitled, When Mothers Cry.  In time it evolved with guest writers sharing their views as well as video makers expressing their thoughts, and now it is ending with you viewer, feel free to comment and share links. 

The information on this site is timeless!  Do check out whatever your issue may be or share this site with someone who needs to hear, "You are not alone...You can't be all things to everyone...It is okay to cry!"  A special thank you to those who have spent many years following us and spreading the word about When Mothers Cry, God bless you!

Nicholl McGuire

How Parents Can Try to Prevent Dating Abuse

Valentine's Day Stories: The Mom's View

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