5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen

I thought this might be an interesting read for parents looking to try some new ways of teaching their children during the New Year.  5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen


It's Here: Winter School Break!!

Well it has arrived in my neck of the woods!  Hope you moms got your plans in order.  Break will be gone before you know it as long as everyone understands what role they are to play.  I encourage you reader to take plenty of time-outs, don't try to do anything all at once, and avoid the phone and television when you are busy with the children.  The background noise can really add to your stress.  Some things that tend to help with the school break include:

1.  Prepare multiple lunches and dinner options in advance, so that you aren't cooking everyday.  (This way no one is bugging you about, "What are the children going to eat?")
2.  Setting a wake up, chill time, and a go to bed time. (Seriously, the children don't need to be up all night snacking and running through the house all hours of the day stressing everyone out.)
3.  Ask for additional hands to help with tedious tasks.  Give that older son or daughter or a couch potato adult tasks to aid you and others in the household.  If the family doesn't want to help out, well you can always make up some consequences like leaving the house for awhile, canceling gift-opening until further notice, or taking what you have bought back to the store.
4.  Make children put things away. (Far too many parents clean up after able-bodied children.)
5.  Set aside quiet time without electronic devices.  (Got some activity books, coloring books, workbooks, and worksheets?  Utilize this time to keep the children's minds fresh for school.  Video gaming all day does nothing more than cause a child to be programmed for whatever the game's objective is ie.) if the son or daughter plays primarily military games daily, well you just might have a future recruit blood-thirsty for war.
6.  Avoid spending most of the winter school break doing things like: time-consuming chores often, preparing home-made meals for hours, or scolding children and arguing with a partner or relatives.

These are just some of the things that might help make each day more productive, calmer and interesting.  The goal is to spend time with the children as best as you know how without losing it.  Pace yourself!


Some Children are Set Apart to Do Evil

Why would a parent ever permit someone or a group to abuse his or her child, why?  But there are those parents:  victims of unresolved abuse issues, desperate for selfish gain, or in need of something else that will do just that!  And then there are some that are simply unstable and the generational line is polluted with evil, curses and other dark things. 

Some parents knowingly and systematically create their children (or someone else's children) to do evil for a cause, a specific purpose, an agenda, or what some would deem an unholy calling--"Take one for the home team, my boy!" 

If you have a hard time believing what I have told you then you haven't been around many children of darkness.  I personally have witnessed evil in the eyes of many children, those who have and those who have not, they simply couldn't help acting that way because they were just spiritually, mentally, and physically broken. 

Consider the many movies that depict children being possessed by a devil.  Also, think about some of the court cases you have heard about whether in person or in the media where children have viciously attacked others. I recall a relative who beat up a teacher and then years later the sibling, who didn't live with the other sibling during some parts of her life, beat up another teacher.  There were many other events too numerous to count, but many of which resulted in watching a parent act abusively toward members of his household.  Think about past events that  happened in a local school, neighborhood or even in your own family and the suspects, children.

I felt burdened to remind some readers, who like to pity others while elevating their own children, that there are those in this world that would like nothing more than to manipulate the minds of your children through the following vices:  media programming that continues to brainwash you about the latest tragedies, video games that our little people love, television programs on and offline, books, posters, Cd's, and other things you and I have enjoyed buying our children simply because they want them and we didn't want to disappoint them. 

What's so wrong with a television character, an uncle who curses every five minutes, an angry teen, or a favorite best friend who just so happens to dress provocatively around your child?  Nothing to some nonchalant parents, absolutely nothing, because they walk with blinders on, zombies, who only know how to attack.  Some parents just can't see the evil hidden in plain sight.  Unless you choose to consciously take a good long look at the hand signals, symbols, patterns, colors, and other things you will miss the signs of pending evil.  Notice the odd sounds, voices, words, and more that continue to show up during cartoon and movie watching, various popular songs, or appear on some items that a child most covets, you never suspect that something so bright, colorful or cheery is bad for your child including girls.  You also wouldn't be able to see that evil relative, friend, or someone else who also puts up a smokescreen either.  "We are just playing...I didn't mean anything by what I said...That's harmless...There's nothing wrong with your child listening to a dancing whore, a creative magician, or a man dressed like a lady cursing--not at all--it's just entertainment!" 

Most likely, you aren't the parent verbally or physically abusing your child, but someone or a group is subtly working evil into your child's mind, and for some parents, your instinct knows who the devil workers are around you, but they continue to assure you with a nice smile, a pocket full of money, and lots of "I love you" statements that everything is okay.  Besides media, video games and toys, evil has a way of entering your intimate settings through child impacted by  a mean-spirited abused cousin, a rebellious schoolmate, an odd aunt, a strange grandmother, a stressed caretaker, or an angry parent, spend the time interviewing your children, hear what they have to say--that is unless you fear what you might find out, are ill-prepared for the truth, or are concerned you might lose your free time for yourself if the truth should come out.  Some parents rather look the other way then lose time for self away from the kids (ie. job, hobbies, travel, sexual conquests, etc.)

Let's take a long look at various events that have happened in our media both random and planned that seem to point the finger at things used to orchestrate the catalyst of events, rather than the real issues behind the scenes.  From gun control to mental illness, whenever shootings take place there is always an outcry about a thing involved.  Rarely do we get the full story on the characters.  Sure, some are crazy, but what about the evil group hidden behind crazy?  Instead, we're given a story that never truly answers the hard questions or does an in depth background investigation on the people involved.  Far too many viewers digest whatever the so-called reputable news media outlets dish out, but rarely do they perform their own research as to the who, what, when, where, why, and how.  So this leads me back to the topic of this entry, there is an evil that men and women do and put children up to doing their dirty work.  You and I would never suspect a privileged child or a bright young person to commit an evil act.  We would readily assume that the poor child or troubled young person just had a hard time in life or was mentally unstable--end of story.  But that is not the end, there is more, much more.

Look back, check out what stories become popular news, what movies become the highest grossing, what songs make the billboard charts, what music videos tell of a future event, and what message does your child's favorite show or character really share.  There are those children who hear, see, smell, touch, or taste something that sets them off to perform whatever task they are commanded or feel like they need to do, and when the opportune time comes, they strike.  We have all seen enough tragedies to know something just ain't right with some children and their parent(s).

Nicholl McGuire 

What to Do This Holiday Season? A Message for the Christians


Christians Moms Who Do What Thou Wilt

For some mothers, it doesn't matter what truth you bring to them whether you discuss concerns about their parenting or traditions that they celebrate, even though some claim to be Christians, they practice a Satanist philosophy, they do what they want by any means necessary. 

The phrase, "Do what thou wilt..." is typically referenced back to the late occultist, author, speaker and more Alexister Crowley.  Now this man was considered one of the most evil of his day.  With no moral absolutes, he (or shall I say a demon or demons) speak from the grave to those who intensely study and practice Luciferian and Satanist teachings.  Crowley believed he was chosen by Satan to perform his will.

When evil takes one by force whether mentally, physically or spiritually, you have to wonder why would anyone want to keep doing the kinds of things both privately and publically that raise the spirits of ancient gods while thinking their offspring, whether young or old, will go through this life unaffected.  Must we be reminded, you play with fire, whether for good or for evil, you get burned by an angry Creator.  From evil thinking to idol worship, at some point in one's life he or she will have to give up a blood sacrifice.  For many, they put themselves on the alter for a job, a house, car, stardom, power, money, etc. while the family looks at an often very tired and stressed partner, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, and so on.  Is it all worth it?

One day I was speaking to an 80 plus grandmother who told me that the recent Connecticut school shooting served as a warning to any parent that he or she should be taking better care of his or her children and she wasn't talking about dropping them off here and there and letting others take care of them either.  She said that God was angry and that parents ought to appreciate their children and teach them well.  Seriously, how many parents spend more time getting away from children then being with them?  Television is on, "Go play!"  Internet surfing is happening, "Go play!"  Driving in the car, "Will you shut up?"  On the telephone, "I'm on the phone, be quiet!"  Cooking in the kitchen, "If you come in here one more time!"  Having a meeting, "Don't interrupt me.  I will call your father to help you with that."  Get it?

We will reap what we sow in this world sooner or later--good and bad.  Some will be killed prematurely by the weight of deadly sins while others will continue to walk this earth spreading godless teachings and boasting that "My life is just fine without a Creator."  Really?  We will see when spiritual trials come your way.  Many will scramble to church, seek a counselor, or a substance to help alleviate the mental and physical anguish that they or their children will experience.

It seems that one who believes in a Father, Son and Holy Ghost would study and show thyself approved unto God, but many Christian mothers don't.  They rely on pastors, teachers, relatives, and friends to tell them, "You are wonderful, great, and always right!"  Sounds like that kind of praise ought to be given to a perfect God and not an imperfect human being, but I digress.

Many Christian moms busily decorate houses with pagan traditions while covering them with a God approval stamp.  Doesn't the Holy Bible talk about idol worship, sun worship, money worship, etc.?  I recall singing about Old Saint Nick during this time of year and spreading the theme of, "I don't care what this one says or that one says...we will do this and we will do that."  Meanwhile, God was whispering in my ear, "Time for change."  Eventually, I heard the call and doing what I wanted was no longer satisfying, peaceful, sweet, or nice.  Instead, my troubled heart screamed, "FREEDOM!"  It was no longer a good thing to spread messages of gluttony, lies and other sinful behaviors while putting a red and green covering on them complete with lights, presents, and holiday music.  Something was wrong with Christmas.  And if Jesus wasn't born on December 25th, then who was?  Who was I really honoring?  Why did I bother to spend hard-earned cash to keep a cycle going on that started prior to Christ's birth?  Why were so many angered by Christmas at one time that they out-lawed it?  The investigative study was beginning.  I had questions that needed answers. 

So I studied and found where I went wrong, notice I didn't point the finger, but I realized that all of my "do what I want and pray about it later" thoughts was stimulated by those who came before me who listened to others who came before them and so on.  Just because everyone else was doing something, didn't mean it was right.  Children enlighten you when they ask questions, misbehave, and challenge you to go somewhere in your mind that you have never gone before.  But when you take that quiet moment or many moments to think, you realize that you are not your own god as much as you think you are, you are not!  Someone or something is guiding you to do some things in your life that sincerely are not worth losing your soul for--think about it. 

Next year could be different for you and your family, then what?  We sincerely have to think beyond fleshly needs and look the other way when temptation comes, that is if one is a true child of God like he or she claims to be.

Nicholl McGuire 

Resources regarding Christmas:


I Wouldn’t Hurt My Child, But You I Would: When Mom Needs Joy

There is a mother somewhere who is taking out her frustration on being a parent on others almost on a daily basis.  “I wouldn’t hurt my child…” so she says, but when it comes to everyone else, “But you, I would!”  Well that is an entirely different story.

Not happy with how her life turned out, a young mother cries for attention, affection, and a host of other things.  But the one thing she needs the most, she can’t get from men, women, children, and things.  “And what might that be,” you ask? Joy!  An overwhelming emotion that sticks around longer than happiness even when the baby is crying, her man is complaining, and other children and relatives have all kinds of issues, all that mother wants is some joy!  Oh sure peace is nice, but joy is contagious.

So how does she get some joy?  Joy doesn’t come overnight and you can’t get it by periodic church attendance or saying a quick prayer every now and then.   In my personal experience, I have felt the presence of joy come into my life and linger when I could wrap my mind around my purpose for living, coupled with a serious self-chat about my reactions to any and all people and things and then summed up to thoughts and study of my eternal destiny complete with our Creator while envisioning a future void of all my current responsibilities.  Sit back for a moment, re-read then ponder.  

It is an awesome thing to reach a point in your life where all these challenges you go through will pass.  You don’t doubt this concept, you don’t debate it, and you don’t whine about it—all issues will pass!  The child can’t scream his or her head off forever.  The man can’t be a grump forever.  Relatives and friends can’t have grudges, dramas, and more for always.  The storms in this life will pass away!  So what are you going to do in the meantime?  Act like the meanest, nastiest, evilest woman on this earth while acting like an angel with your child (as if he or she isn’t watching how you treat others).

For the woman, who appears to be okay with her personal life, but in a storm with everyone else, nothing passes away in her world.  There is always someone or something getting the best of her emotions if it isn’t her husband, it is the neighbor, the store clerk, even what she might call “The Man Upstairs!”   The photos of her deceased relatives, who she proudly displays throughout her home, look at her sometimes as if talking to her from the other side, “Get a grip!  You love your kid too much.  What’s going to happen when he/she goes away?  You still have to face the rest of society.  Keep acting the way you are and you will end up killing yourself or being killed!”
The ugliness of the past continues to haunt her every time she passes mom’s photo, dad’s, sister’s, brother’s (sigh).  She fights with herself and her partner over unresolved issues.  She never wanted to be responsible for the next generation, but she encourages herself by saying, “There is nothing I can do about my surprise/mistake/miracle/blessing, so I will just love this child anyway, but I don’t have to love everyone else!” 
The mother who hasn’t managed to be at peace with her motherhood role somehow warps what is supposed to be a half logical, half creative mind in such a way where she isn’t mad with self, child or sometimes even the man she has had the baby with, but society, her childhood, relatives, and others are to blame.  But none of these people were in the bed with her and her lover when she procreated, right?  Wrong!  The mother had brought all her baggage into her lovemaking session in the hopes that she would be free of all that was wrong with her, but to no avail.  For some, even the act of a sexual release when the child was created was sub par. 
Mom is often angry and it doesn’t take much to set her off.  “What now?  Who do you think you are?  I will hurt you about my family!” she yells at a stranger.  Does she even care about her family that much?

It all appears normal at first, her life.  Spending time with a mother with her misplaced anger issues eventually show up and show out!  Of course, we wouldn’t want her to take her frustrations out on her family, but she shouldn’t get so upset with others because she has yet to recognize what is really bothering her about her role. 
Maybe there are some unfulfilled dreams and this mother’s current responsibilities are keeping her from achieving them.  Could she also be fighting a situation that is a no-win battle with herself or a partner, but is too busy or too fearful to deal with the issues? 

Whatever her problem, the rest of the world has very little time, patience, or even love to put up with this kind of mother who loves her baby, but hates everyone else.  So when she acts irate, irrational, or carries other negative emotions, the world will deal with her in such a way that she has no choice but to face her personal demons or die.  Yes, it is just that simple.  Face the ugly truth about one’s choices in this life and how you intend to obtain that unspeakable joy.  “I wasn’t ready for this baby or this man!  I need an escape!  Help me Lord!” are issues that must be dealt with spiritually above everything else.

The minute a bitter mother with misplaced anger issues sees the light, she will then find the freedom that she needs to grow and go wherever her personal Savior is instructing her.  Will there be judgmental, mean-spirited, ignorant people along the way as she embarks on her journey toward joy? Of course.  It is then that her anger will be justified and in its proper place.

Nicholl McGuire author of When Mothers Cry and creator of hub entitled, "How to Be Nice to Rude People"


Be Wise This Holiday Season When Dealing with Family

Protective mothers are alert when it comes to everything from what to buy their children to where they go for the holidays.  They don’t play with the devil, so to speak, during this time of the year—and you know he is out and about!

There comes a point when a mother just has to say, “No!”  And that no will be met with objection by someone in or out of the family circle.  “What do you mean?”  The challenger will ask.  We, mothers, don’t have to give a five minute explanation on why we will not go along with something.
Older wise, spiritual women know some things about life that many younger women don’t know and one thing in particular is when to keep quiet.   

When all the family are gathered around making noise, running their mouths a mile a minute, a humble grandmother sits back and watches the movie play out.  She has seen much in her life.  She has been a part of debates, tended to baby’s cries, dealt with a wayward spouse, and fought for her rights to say and do certain things—so she knows to observe and pray.  But a loud mouth, argumentative, silly woman refuses wisdom.  She is too busy fighting for the right to speak her mind, decorate herself this way and that way, what she wants, where she goes, etc. Meanwhile standing there before an audience of family and friends, thinking to herself, “I mustn’t be made a fool of…these are my kids, my house, my body, my food, my opinion…”  But she already looks like a fool when she feels she has to defend herself and family over every little thing!  “So sensitive, so immature….I remember when I use to be like that.” The older woman sits back and prays.

Don’t embarrass yourself this holiday season and definitely don’t ignore wise counsel especially when it comes to raising your children.  A woman or man who has been where you are, sees right through an immature mother’s foolishness when it comes to covering for her husband, defending her children, lying about how much she paid for something, and how she truly feels about her relationship, motherhood role, and other things.

Make a stand only if you believe that God is moving you to say something that will free people from their issues, build them up, and draw them near to Him; otherwise, give the immature, unbelievers, the haters, the crazies, and the drunks a pass and get yourself and your family out of tense environments before you are the one who the older woman just sits back and shakes her head.

To God be the glory this holiday season.


Showing Off in Front of the Family

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like my children or my mate showing off in front of people I know or don’t know for that matter.  Yet, sometimes while we are out on trips and around family over the years, there would be some showing off.  If the man isn’t making small talk that comes off as being flirtatious while checking out a female here and there (this has happened when most men in and out of my life) or the children aren’t crying as if someone beat them, folks are showing off.  When this sort of thing happens, I don’t always bite my tongue and I also have been known to show off myself.  “That guy looks handsome…hmm let me see what he has to say…well the children want to cry, I know how to disappear and pretend like I have no children,” I think.  But there has been a price to pay over the years for doing such things.  Two wrongs don’t make it right.

Those other personalities seem to come out of nowhere when in the public eye and I am left puzzled, angered, and ready to show off myself!  “What the…?  Who the?”  I don’t like when partners disrespect their spouses in front of people and I have had to exercise some self-control when I witness such behavior sometimes.  A bossy husband stands before me and tells his wife, “Oh honey…shut up!  She can be a real pain, you know!”  Meanwhile, the wife just looks at her husband as if to say, “Wait until we get home!”  Showing off will cost you your marriage.  I have seen women get smart mouth with their husbands in front of relatives as if someone is going to jump in and say, “Yea, tell him off!”  Save that drama for one’s home!  It’s not cute, funny, and it doesn’t make one look like you have your family under control.  Rather, it makes some look wicked (I could say something else here) when they are talking down to their husbands.

Children can be a real problem during their showing off times too.  They will start doing things that they never do or say at home.  I have seen a side to my children that I didn’t know existed at the wrong times.  It seems that family gatherings, church events, weddings, funerals, and other similar settings brings out the worse in some children.  From screaming to running around like fools, children pick up on their parents’ tension and anyone else around them who is a ball of energy. 
Most times I don’t like being around adult kid show off types because they know how to bring out the hyperactivity in children and then when they can’t keep up with all of the excitement, they disappear and leave the wild children to the parents to discipline.  I have learned over the years, keep the children away from certain settings and relatives—it’s just not worth the drive home, the preparation for bed, and everything else in between.

When a partner and children are showing off it is nothing more than a mere distraction to keep many mothers from doing what they have either set their minds to do or promised others they would do.  Everything is going as planned and then suddenly the partner wants to say something he has no business saying in front of the family.  I can’t tell you how many times over the course of my life that fiancees, and boyfriends have been guilty of this!  No one asked them for their opinion or a story about me, but those typically quiet guys are going to say something whether in front of you or behind your back.  What my former partners didn’t realize is that their silly statements, criticisms, or off-base sense of humor would just give my family just one more reason to call that one, “A loser…What’s up with him? Boring.  Why do you pick these guys?  That one is an idiot!”  All the showing off for what?  Only to be talked about in the end.

So for those of you who will be headed to a relative’s home this holiday season, give your family the pep talk and the consequences before leaving if you have seen a pattern of irresponsible and disrespectful sort of behavior in your presence.  And if you just don’t feel like putting up with the foolishness this year, sit this one out.  Most likely, someone in the family is hoping you don’t bring the show offs with you.   


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