Christians Moms Who Do What Thou Wilt

For some mothers, it doesn't matter what truth you bring to them whether you discuss concerns about their parenting or traditions that they celebrate, even though some claim to be Christians, they practice a Satanist philosophy, they do what they want by any means necessary. 

The phrase, "Do what thou wilt..." is typically referenced back to the late occultist, author, speaker and more Alexister Crowley.  Now this man was considered one of the most evil of his day.  With no moral absolutes, he (or shall I say a demon or demons) speak from the grave to those who intensely study and practice Luciferian and Satanist teachings.  Crowley believed he was chosen by Satan to perform his will.

When evil takes one by force whether mentally, physically or spiritually, you have to wonder why would anyone want to keep doing the kinds of things both privately and publically that raise the spirits of ancient gods while thinking their offspring, whether young or old, will go through this life unaffected.  Must we be reminded, you play with fire, whether for good or for evil, you get burned by an angry Creator.  From evil thinking to idol worship, at some point in one's life he or she will have to give up a blood sacrifice.  For many, they put themselves on the alter for a job, a house, car, stardom, power, money, etc. while the family looks at an often very tired and stressed partner, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, and so on.  Is it all worth it?

One day I was speaking to an 80 plus grandmother who told me that the recent Connecticut school shooting served as a warning to any parent that he or she should be taking better care of his or her children and she wasn't talking about dropping them off here and there and letting others take care of them either.  She said that God was angry and that parents ought to appreciate their children and teach them well.  Seriously, how many parents spend more time getting away from children then being with them?  Television is on, "Go play!"  Internet surfing is happening, "Go play!"  Driving in the car, "Will you shut up?"  On the telephone, "I'm on the phone, be quiet!"  Cooking in the kitchen, "If you come in here one more time!"  Having a meeting, "Don't interrupt me.  I will call your father to help you with that."  Get it?

We will reap what we sow in this world sooner or later--good and bad.  Some will be killed prematurely by the weight of deadly sins while others will continue to walk this earth spreading godless teachings and boasting that "My life is just fine without a Creator."  Really?  We will see when spiritual trials come your way.  Many will scramble to church, seek a counselor, or a substance to help alleviate the mental and physical anguish that they or their children will experience.

It seems that one who believes in a Father, Son and Holy Ghost would study and show thyself approved unto God, but many Christian mothers don't.  They rely on pastors, teachers, relatives, and friends to tell them, "You are wonderful, great, and always right!"  Sounds like that kind of praise ought to be given to a perfect God and not an imperfect human being, but I digress.

Many Christian moms busily decorate houses with pagan traditions while covering them with a God approval stamp.  Doesn't the Holy Bible talk about idol worship, sun worship, money worship, etc.?  I recall singing about Old Saint Nick during this time of year and spreading the theme of, "I don't care what this one says or that one says...we will do this and we will do that."  Meanwhile, God was whispering in my ear, "Time for change."  Eventually, I heard the call and doing what I wanted was no longer satisfying, peaceful, sweet, or nice.  Instead, my troubled heart screamed, "FREEDOM!"  It was no longer a good thing to spread messages of gluttony, lies and other sinful behaviors while putting a red and green covering on them complete with lights, presents, and holiday music.  Something was wrong with Christmas.  And if Jesus wasn't born on December 25th, then who was?  Who was I really honoring?  Why did I bother to spend hard-earned cash to keep a cycle going on that started prior to Christ's birth?  Why were so many angered by Christmas at one time that they out-lawed it?  The investigative study was beginning.  I had questions that needed answers. 

So I studied and found where I went wrong, notice I didn't point the finger, but I realized that all of my "do what I want and pray about it later" thoughts was stimulated by those who came before me who listened to others who came before them and so on.  Just because everyone else was doing something, didn't mean it was right.  Children enlighten you when they ask questions, misbehave, and challenge you to go somewhere in your mind that you have never gone before.  But when you take that quiet moment or many moments to think, you realize that you are not your own god as much as you think you are, you are not!  Someone or something is guiding you to do some things in your life that sincerely are not worth losing your soul for--think about it. 

Next year could be different for you and your family, then what?  We sincerely have to think beyond fleshly needs and look the other way when temptation comes, that is if one is a true child of God like he or she claims to be.

Nicholl McGuire 

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