Be Wise This Holiday Season When Dealing with Family

Protective mothers are alert when it comes to everything from what to buy their children to where they go for the holidays.  They don’t play with the devil, so to speak, during this time of the year—and you know he is out and about!

There comes a point when a mother just has to say, “No!”  And that no will be met with objection by someone in or out of the family circle.  “What do you mean?”  The challenger will ask.  We, mothers, don’t have to give a five minute explanation on why we will not go along with something.
Older wise, spiritual women know some things about life that many younger women don’t know and one thing in particular is when to keep quiet.   

When all the family are gathered around making noise, running their mouths a mile a minute, a humble grandmother sits back and watches the movie play out.  She has seen much in her life.  She has been a part of debates, tended to baby’s cries, dealt with a wayward spouse, and fought for her rights to say and do certain things—so she knows to observe and pray.  But a loud mouth, argumentative, silly woman refuses wisdom.  She is too busy fighting for the right to speak her mind, decorate herself this way and that way, what she wants, where she goes, etc. Meanwhile standing there before an audience of family and friends, thinking to herself, “I mustn’t be made a fool of…these are my kids, my house, my body, my food, my opinion…”  But she already looks like a fool when she feels she has to defend herself and family over every little thing!  “So sensitive, so immature….I remember when I use to be like that.” The older woman sits back and prays.

Don’t embarrass yourself this holiday season and definitely don’t ignore wise counsel especially when it comes to raising your children.  A woman or man who has been where you are, sees right through an immature mother’s foolishness when it comes to covering for her husband, defending her children, lying about how much she paid for something, and how she truly feels about her relationship, motherhood role, and other things.

Make a stand only if you believe that God is moving you to say something that will free people from their issues, build them up, and draw them near to Him; otherwise, give the immature, unbelievers, the haters, the crazies, and the drunks a pass and get yourself and your family out of tense environments before you are the one who the older woman just sits back and shakes her head.

To God be the glory this holiday season.


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