It's Here: Winter School Break!!

Well it has arrived in my neck of the woods!  Hope you moms got your plans in order.  Break will be gone before you know it as long as everyone understands what role they are to play.  I encourage you reader to take plenty of time-outs, don't try to do anything all at once, and avoid the phone and television when you are busy with the children.  The background noise can really add to your stress.  Some things that tend to help with the school break include:

1.  Prepare multiple lunches and dinner options in advance, so that you aren't cooking everyday.  (This way no one is bugging you about, "What are the children going to eat?")
2.  Setting a wake up, chill time, and a go to bed time. (Seriously, the children don't need to be up all night snacking and running through the house all hours of the day stressing everyone out.)
3.  Ask for additional hands to help with tedious tasks.  Give that older son or daughter or a couch potato adult tasks to aid you and others in the household.  If the family doesn't want to help out, well you can always make up some consequences like leaving the house for awhile, canceling gift-opening until further notice, or taking what you have bought back to the store.
4.  Make children put things away. (Far too many parents clean up after able-bodied children.)
5.  Set aside quiet time without electronic devices.  (Got some activity books, coloring books, workbooks, and worksheets?  Utilize this time to keep the children's minds fresh for school.  Video gaming all day does nothing more than cause a child to be programmed for whatever the game's objective is ie.) if the son or daughter plays primarily military games daily, well you just might have a future recruit blood-thirsty for war.
6.  Avoid spending most of the winter school break doing things like: time-consuming chores often, preparing home-made meals for hours, or scolding children and arguing with a partner or relatives.

These are just some of the things that might help make each day more productive, calmer and interesting.  The goal is to spend time with the children as best as you know how without losing it.  Pace yourself!

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