Some Children are Set Apart to Do Evil

Why would a parent ever permit someone or a group to abuse his or her child, why?  But there are those parents:  victims of unresolved abuse issues, desperate for selfish gain, or in need of something else that will do just that!  And then there are some that are simply unstable and the generational line is polluted with evil, curses and other dark things. 

Some parents knowingly and systematically create their children (or someone else's children) to do evil for a cause, a specific purpose, an agenda, or what some would deem an unholy calling--"Take one for the home team, my boy!" 

If you have a hard time believing what I have told you then you haven't been around many children of darkness.  I personally have witnessed evil in the eyes of many children, those who have and those who have not, they simply couldn't help acting that way because they were just spiritually, mentally, and physically broken. 

Consider the many movies that depict children being possessed by a devil.  Also, think about some of the court cases you have heard about whether in person or in the media where children have viciously attacked others. I recall a relative who beat up a teacher and then years later the sibling, who didn't live with the other sibling during some parts of her life, beat up another teacher.  There were many other events too numerous to count, but many of which resulted in watching a parent act abusively toward members of his household.  Think about past events that  happened in a local school, neighborhood or even in your own family and the suspects, children.

I felt burdened to remind some readers, who like to pity others while elevating their own children, that there are those in this world that would like nothing more than to manipulate the minds of your children through the following vices:  media programming that continues to brainwash you about the latest tragedies, video games that our little people love, television programs on and offline, books, posters, Cd's, and other things you and I have enjoyed buying our children simply because they want them and we didn't want to disappoint them. 

What's so wrong with a television character, an uncle who curses every five minutes, an angry teen, or a favorite best friend who just so happens to dress provocatively around your child?  Nothing to some nonchalant parents, absolutely nothing, because they walk with blinders on, zombies, who only know how to attack.  Some parents just can't see the evil hidden in plain sight.  Unless you choose to consciously take a good long look at the hand signals, symbols, patterns, colors, and other things you will miss the signs of pending evil.  Notice the odd sounds, voices, words, and more that continue to show up during cartoon and movie watching, various popular songs, or appear on some items that a child most covets, you never suspect that something so bright, colorful or cheery is bad for your child including girls.  You also wouldn't be able to see that evil relative, friend, or someone else who also puts up a smokescreen either.  "We are just playing...I didn't mean anything by what I said...That's harmless...There's nothing wrong with your child listening to a dancing whore, a creative magician, or a man dressed like a lady cursing--not at all--it's just entertainment!" 

Most likely, you aren't the parent verbally or physically abusing your child, but someone or a group is subtly working evil into your child's mind, and for some parents, your instinct knows who the devil workers are around you, but they continue to assure you with a nice smile, a pocket full of money, and lots of "I love you" statements that everything is okay.  Besides media, video games and toys, evil has a way of entering your intimate settings through child impacted by  a mean-spirited abused cousin, a rebellious schoolmate, an odd aunt, a strange grandmother, a stressed caretaker, or an angry parent, spend the time interviewing your children, hear what they have to say--that is unless you fear what you might find out, are ill-prepared for the truth, or are concerned you might lose your free time for yourself if the truth should come out.  Some parents rather look the other way then lose time for self away from the kids (ie. job, hobbies, travel, sexual conquests, etc.)

Let's take a long look at various events that have happened in our media both random and planned that seem to point the finger at things used to orchestrate the catalyst of events, rather than the real issues behind the scenes.  From gun control to mental illness, whenever shootings take place there is always an outcry about a thing involved.  Rarely do we get the full story on the characters.  Sure, some are crazy, but what about the evil group hidden behind crazy?  Instead, we're given a story that never truly answers the hard questions or does an in depth background investigation on the people involved.  Far too many viewers digest whatever the so-called reputable news media outlets dish out, but rarely do they perform their own research as to the who, what, when, where, why, and how.  So this leads me back to the topic of this entry, there is an evil that men and women do and put children up to doing their dirty work.  You and I would never suspect a privileged child or a bright young person to commit an evil act.  We would readily assume that the poor child or troubled young person just had a hard time in life or was mentally unstable--end of story.  But that is not the end, there is more, much more.

Look back, check out what stories become popular news, what movies become the highest grossing, what songs make the billboard charts, what music videos tell of a future event, and what message does your child's favorite show or character really share.  There are those children who hear, see, smell, touch, or taste something that sets them off to perform whatever task they are commanded or feel like they need to do, and when the opportune time comes, they strike.  We have all seen enough tragedies to know something just ain't right with some children and their parent(s).

Nicholl McGuire 

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