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Need Peace of Mind? Bible Study for Healing - YouTube - Online Software Training Videos At Your Convenience! - Online Software Training Videos At Your Convenience!

This might be a helpful site to those of you who need to brush up on your skills and return back to work.  You have to love a site that has FREE online tutorials!

What One Mom Wishes for Her Children and Others Like Them

With all the evil television programming, dark video games and shocking things on the Internet, if there is anything that I hope my children learn during their childhood is how to discern right from wrong.
Too often there are children growing up in environments where the caretakers could care less what penetrates their minds.  They rather the children, “Go play!”  Little do they know, what the children could be doing out of their site.  It isn’t until someone gets hurt that a parent or relative wants to “…go see what happened…”  
I learned far too young that fellow peers couldn’t be trusted and many adults were liars.  Once I became a woman I found that some of the things that hurt me when I was young affected some aspects of my life whether I was conscience of them or not.  Therefore, I try real hard to protect my children minds and bodies from outside forces.  One of the most important things I do is pray for them and the next is encourage them to talk to me.  There are some other things I instill in them as well and might inspire you to add to your list or try some new things.
One.  Give them an appreciation for faith in one who is far greater and superior than any man, woman or child.

Two.  Teach them to respect self and others.  Keeping in mind to pay close attention to who is friend and who is foe.

Three.  Always make time to do something other than watch TV, surf the Internet and play with games and toys.

Four.  Pay close attention to those who are your mentors and teachers, but also guard your heart.

Five.  Be confident.  Fight feelings of fear.

Six.  Be honest.

Seven.  Make the wise choice to be loyal to one partner and love that person.
These tips have worked so far in more ways than I can explain when it comes to them interacting with others.  I can only hope that they will grow in their learning.

Nicholl McGuire


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Video gaming: Simple programs to alter one's mind to achieve a desired goal. - YouTube

Video gaming: Simple programs to alter one's mind to achieve a desired goal. - YouTube

This is just what is happening when you sit your child in front of video games often.  They are given games that program their mind to achieve someone else's desired goal.  Whether it is an action based game that prepares them to fight in war or a game that lures them into premature sexual activity, their subconscious mind is being stimulated.  Let us be more cautious as to what we put in front of our children.  Feel free to click on link to view video and learn more about video gaming.

Nicholl McGuire


Children Remember Things You Think They Don't

At times, my children will tell me about something that happened awhile ago and before long I am impressed with their knowledge of retaining all that occurred on that day.  But there are those times, that I wish they would forget!  They have been known to share their feelings about how they disliked parents arguing, the time when they didn't get a certain toy, the "bad" kids in school, and then will question why they haven't heard from grandparents or other relatives.  I just get quiet and listen.  Sometimes I respond with a "Welcome to the real world..." comment and a "Wait until you are older..." retort.

Children remember things that we, as parents, can only hope they will one day forget while forgetting about things that we wish they would remember!  I like to get my own children involved with things to help stimulate their minds to want to remember the good times.  Thus far the following actions have been helpful in directing their attention to more positive memories:

1.  Dinner conversations work with question and answer sessions.
2.  Listing examples of what we should and shouldn't be doing are aided with video and real life situations--sometimes seeing is simply better than preaching.
3.  Bringing out family photographs and explaining who, what, when, where, why, and how.  This way they don't feel too bad about certain relatives--even though you personally feel insulted about how others might or might not be reacting to your children.
4.  Encourage them to draw out their feelings with markers, crayons, and paper.
5.  Plan travel from grocery stores to visiting family while ensuring that their are fun things for the children.

I think all of these attempts at replacing bad times with more good times have brought on positive memories.  I keep my digital camera and video camera handy to help record these positive times for viewing later.  The children are doing well in school and don't seem to hold too much of anything against me ie.) divorce.  They realize that parents, teachers, relatives, and friends are flawed and sometimes we just have to give people the pass.

Nicholl McGuire


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Jesus Loves the Little Children short version sung by Nicholl McGuire with son 4 yrs. by nichollmcguire on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Just a reminder that despite all the evil of this world, Jesus loves the little children.  Praise God for a heaven and that it is not here on this earth!  "And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28, NIV.

Jesus Loves the Little Children short version sung by Nicholl McGuire with son 4 yrs. by nichollmcguire on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free


Five Things You Should Say to Family & Friends Before You Die | Gomestic

Sooner or later we are going to die.  It doesn't matter your social class, upbringing, how much you love your children, or despise your mother-in-law, you are not going to live forever.  Therefore, start thinking about doing the kinds of things now that will bring peace and not war in your absence.  Although some reason, "Why should I care, it's not like I'm going to be around anyway!?"  But you are alive now, wouldn't it just make sense to do what's right now while you still have breath in your body?  Think about it.  Read the following:  

Five Things You Should Say to Family & Friends Before You Die | Gomestic

How to Organize Children While Planning Your Home Business | Bizcovering

How to Organize Children While Planning Your Home Business | Bizcovering


What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? -

Should we really have to ask this question?
What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? -

Being a mother of four boys, I can say that my sons over the years made all sorts of suggestions to me about wanting to play with my bras to run around in my shoes, and the answer was always, "No!  Take my stuff off and put it back or else!"

Can I just say that children become what you permit as a parent.  Had I let my children do everything they wanted just because I didn't want to hear them cry  about wanting their nails painted or to play with my sanitary napkins, I would have had some make-up and pad wearing, costume parading, high heel shoe prancing weirdos!  Why would I welcome such behavior when I know that common sense tells me, "it just ain't right!"  Besides, children are hard enough on one another why make it all the more difficult for them? 

I think we parents do a disservice to our children when we just throw up our hands and say, "Okay honey, if this makes you happy.  "Eat as much as you as long as you like...Sure, I will let you paint your fingernails son...Hey daughter it's just fine to act like a boy -- you want to wear daddy's jock strap?...Son, here, you can wear a pink purse my little cowboy..."

It seems that bizarre, immoral, dark, and crazy anything goes types (with fetishes) are gaining influence in our society because the gullible, weird, and hurt from yesterdays' abuses  go along with their sicknesses!  They reason, "Well people should be allowed...and well I remember when..."  Oh stop the madness!  The ill don't know they are ill!  Therefore, it is up to someone or a group, who is relatively mentally stable, to tell the rest of the world not to be enablers for the mentally disturbed. 

You have to ask yourself this, "Why do I agree that it is okay to let boys and girls act the same knowing full well their bodies and minds are designed differently?  Who have I been listening to that has made me say "yes" to just about anything that is odd, crazy or downright evil?  What have I permitted to go on in my own household?  Who is my child exposed to on a daily basis that thinks it's okay to let children do whatever, whenever?  Could I be an enabler?"

Nicholl McGuire
Author of When Mothers Cry
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