What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? -

Should we really have to ask this question?
What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? -

Being a mother of four boys, I can say that my sons over the years made all sorts of suggestions to me about wanting to play with my bras to run around in my shoes, and the answer was always, "No!  Take my stuff off and put it back or else!"

Can I just say that children become what you permit as a parent.  Had I let my children do everything they wanted just because I didn't want to hear them cry  about wanting their nails painted or to play with my sanitary napkins, I would have had some make-up and pad wearing, costume parading, high heel shoe prancing weirdos!  Why would I welcome such behavior when I know that common sense tells me, "it just ain't right!"  Besides, children are hard enough on one another why make it all the more difficult for them? 

I think we parents do a disservice to our children when we just throw up our hands and say, "Okay honey, if this makes you happy.  "Eat as much as you as long as you like...Sure, I will let you paint your fingernails son...Hey daughter it's just fine to act like a boy -- you want to wear daddy's jock strap?...Son, here, you can wear a pink purse my little cowboy..."

It seems that bizarre, immoral, dark, and crazy anything goes types (with fetishes) are gaining influence in our society because the gullible, weird, and hurt from yesterdays' abuses  go along with their sicknesses!  They reason, "Well people should be allowed...and well I remember when..."  Oh stop the madness!  The ill don't know they are ill!  Therefore, it is up to someone or a group, who is relatively mentally stable, to tell the rest of the world not to be enablers for the mentally disturbed. 

You have to ask yourself this, "Why do I agree that it is okay to let boys and girls act the same knowing full well their bodies and minds are designed differently?  Who have I been listening to that has made me say "yes" to just about anything that is odd, crazy or downright evil?  What have I permitted to go on in my own household?  Who is my child exposed to on a daily basis that thinks it's okay to let children do whatever, whenever?  Could I be an enabler?"

Nicholl McGuire
Author of When Mothers Cry

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