What One Mom Wishes for Her Children and Others Like Them

With all the evil television programming, dark video games and shocking things on the Internet, if there is anything that I hope my children learn during their childhood is how to discern right from wrong.
Too often there are children growing up in environments where the caretakers could care less what penetrates their minds.  They rather the children, “Go play!”  Little do they know, what the children could be doing out of their site.  It isn’t until someone gets hurt that a parent or relative wants to “…go see what happened…”  
I learned far too young that fellow peers couldn’t be trusted and many adults were liars.  Once I became a woman I found that some of the things that hurt me when I was young affected some aspects of my life whether I was conscience of them or not.  Therefore, I try real hard to protect my children minds and bodies from outside forces.  One of the most important things I do is pray for them and the next is encourage them to talk to me.  There are some other things I instill in them as well and might inspire you to add to your list or try some new things.
One.  Give them an appreciation for faith in one who is far greater and superior than any man, woman or child.

Two.  Teach them to respect self and others.  Keeping in mind to pay close attention to who is friend and who is foe.

Three.  Always make time to do something other than watch TV, surf the Internet and play with games and toys.

Four.  Pay close attention to those who are your mentors and teachers, but also guard your heart.

Five.  Be confident.  Fight feelings of fear.

Six.  Be honest.

Seven.  Make the wise choice to be loyal to one partner and love that person.
These tips have worked so far in more ways than I can explain when it comes to them interacting with others.  I can only hope that they will grow in their learning.

Nicholl McGuire

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