My 14 Top Picks for Making Easy Money from Home

Since August 2014, I've had a chance to catch up with personal projects, seek new ways to make money on the Internet, participate in school related activities, and more. 

Back in '14, I was providing temporary administrative support to a local government agency. Since then, I have continued with my part-time business, full-time working from home.  I provide a number of virtual assistance services.  There are perks at home like there are outside of it, but both are challenging at times. 

I thought I might share some of my personal findings with my dedicated readers (some since 2007--wow!)  Hopefully, this list will help someone who might be interested in doing additional tasks (that aren't stressful) for pay.  See below. (Also, don't forget to scroll to the right of this screen to a clickable link about work at home jobs--that aren't so easy and fun, but they get some bills paid):

1)  Coupons, Promo Codes and Cash Back Savings
2)  Clickworker

3)  Sponsored Tweets

4)  Slice the Pie

5)  Cash Crate

6)  Inbox Dollars

7)  Swag Bucks

8)  Gift Hulk

9)  Shadow Shopper

10)  Your Free Surveys

11)  Survey Savvy

12)  Instant Cash Sweepstakes

13)  Zoombucks

14) Gift Hulk 

You can find some of my latest findings by connecting with me on Twitter at the following site:

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