Mothers: It's Okay to Take a Stand

When it comes to parenting children, dealing with a difficult partner, or weird relatives, why is it that some cowardly women frequently advise "...not to say this and not to do this and you shouldn't..." when loved ones have repeatedly violated your personal boundaries.  I say, "Speak up!"

As mothers we can be so laid back, cool, nonchalant at times to the point that if you give anyone in the family or even a friend an inch, you best believe he or she is going to take a mile!  From our money to our time, people will take advantage of you because you are a mother if you let them.  They do this because they think you are too busy, too emotional, too caring, too involved with your family, career, or too whatever else to put up a fight.  I admit I am not that kind of mother add a bad name to my title on a bad day and if I feel threatened, used or abused, I have to call on Jesus because I know my capabilities. 

Those who know me well recognize I love the Lord and know I appreciate all He has done for me, but there comes a point that you know when someone or a group is attempting to use you because they know you are a believer and expect you to behave a certain way (like a victim) to benefit them, but not you.

See through the foolishness!  Moms everywhere take a stand on what you innately know is righteous and true--those who have a faith know better.  You and your family will be blessed whether a wayward spouse, jealous relative, controlling in-law, or others stick around or not! 

This weak-minded, brainwashed mentality/system of who and what we are supposed to be was long over for me when I penned "When Mothers Cry."  I introduced myself to the online mother scene with that book by validating moms who were often overlooked or dismissed as "crazy" when the going got rough in their lives.  How dare a partner, ex, fellow parent, relative, child, or in-law disrespect or underestimate any mother who is doing the best she can to raise, protect, establish a relationship and most of all love her children?  Yet, I experienced this and so did people I know.  They didn't bad mouth the crack heads, the club-bangers, the women dressed like whores, drunks, etc. but it was challenged mothers for little things they might have overlooked while rushing out the door or too tired to remember.  Others said angry, critical words because they didn't understand or bothered to educate themselves on the mental changes a woman goes through after having a baby or babies--she just isn't the same--some men need to get that through their thick heads! 

When you see children are out of control irregardless of what a partner thinks or says about you, don't give up stand strong.  If you should notice your relatives have far more criticisms than compliments, you can easily shut them out and move on with your life!  When you have educators and others giving you a long list of "Please can you do..." you can always say, "No."  If you should be called upon to give yet more money and service to a cause, you can say, "I have done enough, ask someone else." 

Stop worrying over what this one and that one says, does and thinks, you are a mother and no matter what you have been through, you know your role and you know what you can handle and what you can't.  Don't let anyone define it for you!  God bless, take away your stress, and worry less!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of many books and maintains numerous blogs.  Be inspired spiritually by visiting her YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 

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