Don't Force Yourself to React to Things Just Because It Appears to be the Right Thing to Do

A mother rushes to the aid of a child who visibly appears to be okay.  There is no crying and no bumps, cuts, and bruises.  Another mother is overly emotional due to things beyond her control like a husband's layoff, a relative's divorce, and a drunken relative who refuses to get help.  Mothers everywhere are more likely to react to these situations and others, but just because responses are typical, doesn't mean we have to perform.

Maybe it seems like the right thing to do to pick up the phone and talk with judgmental, often angry kin, walk somewhere because it is routine, or help a stranger in need, but we must keep in mind that sometimes what it appears to be just another day, might not be.  Your typical response to people and things may need an adjustment for a day or a lifetime it all depends on the who or what in different situations.  So if I am use to going down the street and having a beverage with a girlfriend, but I just feel different about it right now, chances are it is a good idea I stay home today.  You never know what might be going on or maybe nothing is happening with the girlfriend, but with me.  We have to be sensitive to signs that alter or block what we are use to doing or saying.   

So many lives have been lost because some moms just didn't think twice before they walked out the door, got in their cars and drove off somewhere.  Some could have saved quality friendships had they not started up an unfavorable conversation filled with criticism.  Others could have thought twice about dropping emotional children off with people who they knew full well aren't very nice and kind, but they just didn't think! 

A gut feeling, quiet voice, or "something said" serves a purpose to alert us to trouble especially when it comes to a routine.  Things don't always appear as they seem, but we convince ourselves otherwise because we don't want to be inconvenienced, might be lazy, procrastinate, bitter about some things, still angry with someone, etc.

As much as you might want to force yourself to do something that doesn't seem to be right in your spirit or be with someone you really don't have a good vibe about (at least for today--he or she could okay on most days), resist the urge.  Today just might not be the day for small talk, going somewhere, staying late, or dropping children off.  Pause and pray.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight and other unusual thoughts on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.   

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