What Do You Have Mother Intuition For, Yet You Don't Use It?

Fighting for this cause, crying in prayer for peace, wanting all things good for your family, but ignoring your God-given mother's intuition?  The husband says, "Don't worry about it."  A child cries, "Mom, please..."  A grandmother warns, "Are you sure you want to do that?"  Deep within you know you should be doing something else about a situation, but you don't.  Think of all the mothers who lost children, because they didn't listen to inner wisdom and let others drown "the voice" out.

"I wish I never did that to my children...I really wanted to protect them, but I didn't...If I hadn't...Maybe this wouldn't have happened," these mothers who say statements like this sometimes cry for years behind closed doors.  But what they aren't telling you is there were signs, but the grief caused them to forget.  Leading up to events, there was a knowing that something wasn't right and they failed to act.  So they go to God for peace of mind and being that He is a merciful and righteous God, they are still living and doing what they can to help others--at least those who still have their minds intact.

Now back to you, you have a "gut feeling," "something said," "God," "guide," "I"--whatever you want to call it that alerts you to danger when you are in tuned to it.  So when it comes to children, think twice, three times, and more before you drop them off with someone, walk or drive somewhere, and most of all co-sign on what they want.  Maybe you won't be their favorite person, but who cares, your role is "Mother."  Protect your children.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and other books.  Feel controlled by your own mother, manipulated to get your children to go along to get along, controlled by relatives...? Download a sample of the book today!  Be blessed.

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