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You may not have time to read a book entitled, When Mothers Cry when the baby gets here, but I can assure you that if you aren't adjusting well with the idea that one day you are going to be a mom, may I suggest the book.

I am, Nicholl McGuire, self-published author of When Mothers Cry, it wasn't long after learning that I was pregnant that I would experience feelings of sadness, guilt and worry about what the future held regarding my relationship with the father.  I wasn't sure about my new role and I definitely hadn't prepared myself.  There were moms around me that weren't happy moms and I learned the hard way why.  Unsure about the men they dated or married, they had much advice, and I didn't take heed.  From strangers on the street to people I knew, someone was telling me in so many words, "God didn't make any mistakes with your pregnancy, but you could should have...but the baby will soon be here, so you might as well make up in your mind what you are going to do."  These unhappy moms knew what it felt like to have your life disrupted due to an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy.

I played with the thought of raising my first child on my own.  I wasn't convinced that the father would be a good one since he had a player mentality (more interested in dating many women rather than exclusively dating), but after much talk, and one day asking him for reassurance that he would not leave after the birth of our son, I began to adjust my thinking (more on that in the book).  However, I knew deep, down inside it was a temporary arrangement.  After the baby was born, I had my work cut out for me.  Eventually, the "We are such a happy family" show would come to an end.  Once again, I realized that the unhappy moms were only trying to prepare me for what was ahead.   Years of my encouraging the father and personal planning is why to date, I have no regrets.

Being an expectant mom you hope for the best and you should remain that way, but you will have to be flexible--realize that you will need more than hope when trials come!  Know that the storm is going to come, baby will take up much of your time, workplace won't feel the same, family and friend connections may unravel especially if post-partum shows its ugly face, sex with a partner may get better or decline...the more you know, the more prepared you are.

So do take the time to read When Mothers Cry and feel at peace knowing that there are others who are trying to figure out their motherhood roles too!  If you know a new dad, get the book for him, hopefully he will be more understanding about what his wife/girlfriend is going through being an expectant mom.

Nicholl McGuire

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