Author and Blogger Nicholl McGuire Available to Share Parenting Insight, Talk About Book

After a major relocation back to Southern California (So-Cal), I can finally sit back and focus on books, blogs and more again!  Family responsibilities can easily overshadow everything you worked so hard to build in an effort to help household, your own peace of mind, and others.

I am reaching out to my fellow video producers, bloggers, podcast hosts, and others to let them know I am ready to talk about motherhood issues!  Let's bring to the forefront topics like: stressed out teachers and how they relate or don't relate to our children, burnt out baby-sitters and watching for signs of abuse, a lack of finances to place children in extracurricular activities, cheating spouses, wild friends and their equally wild children, etc.

If you have a production underway and need a guest, then by all means, contact me at nichollmcguire@yahoo.com  I would love to share personal experience and insight.  For those with faith-based programs, I am a believer and would be more than happy to speak about my spirituality and how it plays a part in my being a mother.

Thanks as always for showing support.  If you haven't got When Mothers Cry yet, please do a link is provided to the right of this page.

Nicholl McGuire


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