When Mothers Cry about Societal, Political, Marital, and Radical Injustices

You have the power, but naysayers will make you think you are powerless!  "They" say that you need to busy yourself with things like:  a career, not only help your child with homework but place him or her in a number of activities too, take care of your partner, cook, clean the house, run errands, and do other things that most moms do.  If you should do well with all tasks assigned to you, then you are deemed "a good mom" by those that know you and those that don't.   But what "they" don't want is for you to start thinking beyond the scope of your motherhood role.  You know, ponder on things like:  societal ills, political corruption/manipulation, protecting one's household from marital temptations, and supporting radical ideologies that could make this world a better place!  "Now Mother, you shouldn't worry over such things.  Why bother to talk about that...isn't there something else you could be doing?"  The eye rolls, deep sighs, turn of the neck, a dropped down head, or one's feet walking away while talking, all clear indications that communicate even nowadays, "Shut up, this is still a man's world!"  But is it? 

Who are "they" you might ask?  Anyone who prevents you from looking beyond the veil, seeking truth for yourself!  If only you knew your power, consider the following.  A cheating spouse isn't going to want to answer to a woman's instinct.  He often worries about what a scorned woman might do.   A lying child is not going to want to face mother's wit with yet another lie.  A government establishment doesn't want to see your tears or hear your cries.  Corporate and civic groups, who are more concerned about protecting their finances, don't want to hear from the mother's group unless they have something good to say or have an idea to share that will further swell their bank accounts.

Some mothers, like slaves, have been stripped over the years of things like: courage, confidence, love, patience, faith, and most of all honesty!  They have paired up with selfish individuals and created greedy babies only to be later left alone by uncaring family.  When truth is spoken by these same mothers, they don't win friends and most brainwashed individuals don't bother to join any bandwagons promoting things like, integrity and accountability. 

There is something very wrong in one's home, church, and workplace when a mother points out to her family, "That is wrong, you know that isn't right, you aren't being truthful, what we should do is..." yet witnesses fight her on making wrongs right.  A wise mom offers her insightful observation on a situation coupled with some life experience and dare she mention, "My God" and folks, who claim to love her, lose it.  "Here we go again...her Jesus!"  From the silent treatment to curse words, mothers on a mission endure a wrath from family, friends, even strangers who don't want to be awaken to any truth even if it means a Heavenly Creator wants to save their souls!

For those who are open to all things righteous and true, they encourage a weary mother to keep fighting the good fight.  Some will join her on her truth crusade and help finance her movement.  She doesn't want to be left alone, simply raising children, without a voice or free time to pursue truth.  Further, she doesn't want to be so busy that she can't see the devil lurking around the corner either!

A stable-minded mother will analyze all people, even a spouse and all that comes with him, because she knows her responsibility is to, not only protect her children, but help elevate humanity--demand righteousness and dwell in peace!  So if you should witness a God-fearing mom standing on her soap box on some days screaming aloud, "Listen to me!" Don't blame it on her "time," but  know that the Spirit within her has good reason!

Nicholl McGuire

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