When Mothers Cry - Too Much Activity, Slow Down

Something is happening with many mothers all across our land.  The school year hasn't long been underway and yet they are tired, impatient, and easily angered.  They have hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, and other pain.  Partners are bewildered.  Children stare from a distance.  "There is something wrong with Mommy," they think.  But no one cares too much after the tears, yells, and door slamming.  An hour or two later someone will be asking poor mom, "Where did you put my....and what are we having for dinner?  I need your help with..."  The family doesn't seem to care too much.  Life goes on.

Health issues will arise as a mother ages whether she is currently young or mature and one day she will be unable to put her medical conditions off any longer.  Not that long ago, I had a dream where myself and a young lady were in a hospital room together.  I felt like we were there for surgeries.  Neither of us were pregnant.  It was obvious to me that we were waiting on doctors to fix our situations which we didn't talk about in the dream.  This sort of thing happens in our waking life, we know we have our share of challenges, but making the time to deal with them is a fight especially when people seem not to care.

A relative once told me that if you don't care about you, who will?  So true.  The warning signs are there as our bodies transition and so too are the supplements, prescriptions, healthy food, exercise, and more that we need to ease many of our symptoms.  But what also has to occur for stressed out mothers to get back on the fast track toward healing is needed peace and quiet.  Rest is essential.  If it means you have to take a personal day off from work, save money to enlist the help of a babysitter or relative or scale down on those extracurricular activities, you will need to do it, if not for you, for those who are troubled by your fluctuating emotions.  I know for a fact doing these things has helped me and others that I know.  I am a strong advocate for doing less to alleviate stress.

1.  Walk more--no matter your size.
2.  Watch your portion sizes and eat healthy meals.  Look up some recipe ideas.
3.  Stretch especially after a meal.
4.  Listen to calming music.
5.  Create a schedule for yourself that includes time away from partner and children.
6.  Meditate about positive and inspiring things.
7.  Pray and get in touch with your Creator.  Ask Him to show you things about yourself and provide healing for your troubled soul.

As mothers, we can easily fall into the trap of "I care" to the point that you are acting ugly toward others.  Some moms are competitive about there so called, "I care" statements.  Witnesses usually see selfishness and greed show up with many of these women.  It isn't that they care so much, but they have a drive to be on top of everything and everyone.  They eventually burn out or worse end up in hospitals like what I saw in my dream.  Here we were an older and younger woman, both attractive, and attempting to smile through our pain and neither of us would dare share what our weaknesses were with the other.  We were waiting for the doctors to fix us.

Something to think about.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of many books, maintains useful blogs, and has been inspiring people on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 since 2008.

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