The Dr. Phil Show - Angry Moms - What Might Be Your Issues?

Visit Dr. Phil website for advice.  Be sure to list what might be going on with you if you behave this way.  Here are some things you might want to research about.
1.  Health related issues
2.  Side effects from prescription medicines, herbal remedies, etc.
3.  Workplace stress
4.  Unfulfilling relationship with partner
5.  Harboring unforgiveness, resentment, etc. related to children and others
6.  Hectic schedule i.e.) school activities, long work hours...
7.  Lack of sex, no partner
8.  Financial issues
9.  No support from family
10.  Moody partner
11.  Lack of sleep
12.  New diet, exercise program
Address the issues, think of others, and seek help.

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