Winter is coming and it means that your hair will require special care. Read our simple tips and stay fabulous during winter season.

Tip #1 Cover your head
Make sure that you put a cute hat or scarf on your head before leaving your house. It will help to protect your hair from low temperatures, frosty air and fierce winds.

Tip #2 Keep your hair moisturized

During winter season, our hair feels really thirsty due to a cold weather and dry air of heaters. Give your locks enough moisture through deep conditioning treatments and hydrating shampoos.

Tip #3 Control static

Get ready that everything your hair touches will cause static in winter. One of the options is to keep your locks well-conditioned, you can also go for an anti-static product.

Tip #4 Avoid heat

Winter hair is more susceptible to dryness and heat makes everything worse by striping of natural oils. Dry hair means weak hair, and weak will not survive in extreme winter weather.

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Victoria Howell

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