6 Tips on Managing Household Before and During Super Bowl Time

Behind the scenes we have all viewed how holiday planning can be:  stressful, expensive, and crazy!  Therefore, there are no exceptions when it comes to Super Bowl stuff.  Mothers are usually the ones that have to maintain the household during this time, because husbands are more concerned about stats, interviews, beer, friends, bets, and other things related to the Super Bowl.

When it comes to managing one's household before and during the Super Bowl, you might want to consider the following:

1.  Cleaning and organizing

The simple things are often overlooked when inviting guests over.  Some moms fail to get trash taken out, they don't organize clutter, and they don't make sure that bathrooms and kitchens are well-stocked with supplies.  So before you know it, paper towels, toilet paper and other things run out and all they can say is, "Sorry, we don't have any more...I apologize we ran out..."  So be sure you have all necessary items.  Also, check that your home looks and smells clean.

2.  Where will children be?

Not a good idea to have children in a room with men who are loud, cursing, and showing their ugly side if a favorite team is losing.  So plan to remove children out of the lively environment.

3.  Food preparation

You just might want to enlist some help with meal planning and serving.  If you are busy doing things with the kids, someone is going to need to check on the food.  You just might want to get the man off the couch before the game starts to do errand running and help with set up.  If you bother him during the game, don't be surprised if there is an argument.

4.  Clean up

Are you having guests over?  Then let them know in advance that you will need their assistance.  Ask one or two people who you know won't mind.

5.  Expenses

The cost of items should be dealt with prior to the event.  Check for coupons, discounts and bargains.  If you need additional money for the get-together and your partner is hesitant about giving you more money, then get creative.  Smaller portions of main entrees or add more appetizers, more of the cheaper stuff (beverages, snacks...), and ask guests to bring a cover dish or stop by a store.  Also, you might want to let your partner know in advance there won't be enough food and beverages for everyone. 

6.  Alcohol and Drugs

What are the rules?  Some might bring their own bottle and others might show up high.  How do you and your partner deal with this?  Think about how much alcohol you have, the proof content, and be sure you have plenty of ice nearby.  Put a limit on drinks and for your own safety and freedom and those you love, draw the line when it comes to drugs.

Try to get everything done prior to game time.  Be sure everything is prepared before guests arrive.  Visitors can act a bit rude when they are hungry.  Most guests don't like to wait.

Have a Happy Super Bowl time!

Nicholl McGuire 

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