Mothers: We have Our Good Days, We Have Our Bad Days

From children to work related tasks, we have good days and we have bad days.  If someone ever told you that being a wife and mother is easy, cool, best thing...etc.  They are liars!  I wouldn't describe being a wife and mother like I would a new pair of shoes, an evening skyline or a quiet nature scene.  Instead, I would say motherhood is more like a downtown city with hustle and bustle.  I think of words like: work, tiresome, busy, painful, sad, joy, crazy, wild, funny..."  Yeah, that describes family life for me.

There isn't a day that doesn't go by that I am not thinking about my partner, children, relatives and oh, how I need Jesus!  A face, a name, an emotion, an item--something always triggers a memory.  I have to use all sorts of music, favorite goodies, scents, and other things to keep me focused on a task so that I am not operating in my mother, wife, daughter, and other titles all day long.  I still have me and no amount of responsibilities, triggers, and other things are going to sweep me away from me!

As women, daily we are fighting to be the kind of people that are productive, knowledgeable, interesting, fun, sexy, serious, etc.  But a complaining spouse or crying child can blow a stable mind up at times.  "What?!  I heard you already!  Stop bothering me!  Don't you see what I am doing?"   Before long, we don't know who we are, what we are doing, where we are going, what we just said, so don't bother to ask. 

I seriously dislike women who act as if things are okay with them when it is obvious they are dying inside.  When you call them out on their foolishness, they will still defend their lies, prejudices, passive aggressive behaviors, etc.  See Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate.  It isn't any wonder why some don't do well connecting and staying connected to a healthy group of relatives and friends who sincerely care about them, but can no longer stand to be around them because they are unwilling to acknowledge their short-comings and do something.  Rather, they want to point out everyone else's weaknesses.

A good day for me is when the checklist is complete and everyone, including myself, are content in my household.  A bad day is when nothing seems to work, children are wild, crazy, and sad all at the same time, and my body is doing those things it does each month.

My only suggestion for any male readers, who experience a moody mother, misbehaving children, and all the responsibilities that come with them, is roll with the punches!  Avoid the temptation to be emotional like your partner (especially when you know it is that time of the month,) out of control like the children, and lazy like the pet(s).  The T.V., Internet, cell phone, and gaming system will all be there--take care of your family first!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight at YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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