A Subject Workaholic Moms Don't Want to Talk About - Being Available to Family

Years of studying at a university and a degree is achieved, the woman with a love for money and things, lists her future plans.  She establishes contacts on and offline.  She checks out opportunities.  She knows she has much debt to pay.  The need for money is insatiable.  When the dream job offer finally comes in, she is head over heels in love!  Ready to conquer the world for a job.  Leaders take notice how she works like a slave.  The appreciation isn't much, but who cares, she just loves that job!   And one, expects the workaholic mom to do what?  Slow down!?  Meanwhile, a wise book with much wisdom tells her not to love money.  But she ignores wisdom and continues to focus on getting that next paycheck and planning her next shopping spree. 

No man, children, relatives, or anyone else will make her take a long vacation.  If she does, one would think, She must be sick.  Jane Doe never takes off work."  Like a workaholic man, the busy career-driven woman, who took very little time off between pregnancies, repeatedly dropped her sick children off with relatives, and gets out of town as soon as the boss calls, rarely, if ever, makes a sacrifice for herself or others.  If who or it interferes with her job she politely says, "I'm sorry, can't do it, won't be there...have much to do...can you help me, I have to get to work!" even when she has more personal and vacation days stacked up than anyone!

When the woman, who loves her job at times more than her own family, is called upon by loved ones, she isn't too happy about having to take a half day or miss a day of work.  She even gets angry with herself for getting sick.  Risking the health of others, she will cough and sniff her way back into the office while a boss and co-workers admonish her about coming in looking and feeling bad. 
Fearful that she might be overshadowed, forgot about, or an enemy at work might sabotage something she has created, "I love my job" lady will sacrifice family before she ever thinks, "Maybe I can get away from work--we are not that busy."  But she never divulges those times at work when things are slow and not that bad.

In the workaholic's world, everything related to a job is top priority.  Everyone in her home has heard say a thousand times, "If it wasn't for this job you wouldn't have this...and you wouldn't have that!"  Often, her mind is in another world and she doesn't hear that closely husband, children, school teachers, preachers, and relatives say to her.  She is easily aggravated if you stay on the phone with her too long, visit her home more than she wants, and ask her for time or money.  Her response might be, "I don't have, I can't talk...would you call me before you come over...I know you haven't seen me in months, but..."

The woman with money on her mind is more comfortable talking about her job then she ever is talking about her family.  Besides, she doesn't know most of the time what is going on at home since she is often away.  It is unfortunate, but some women who simply love working too much, don't see when their men are straying, when the kids are missing them, and when the house needs to be cleaned.

Pray for the workaholic moms in your family.

Nicholl McGuire 

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