The Disrespectful Attitudes of Children and Their Parents

"The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree," so the old saying goes, such is the case with disrespectful children and their foolish parents.

Everything that a child does isn't cute or funny, I said this awhile back when my children were babies.  I didn't approve of the smart mouth comments when they started talking and I still don't find them entertaining now that they are older.  Sometimes they get carried away with their joking, but the minute it happens, I warn them.  They didn't see me act like a fool with others and so I don't permit them to behave that way in or out of public and then laugh about it.  They are expected to say, "Please, Thank you, Yes, No, Mr. and Ms." and so on.   

If we train our children at home about how to behave with us and other adults, then we don't look like fools in public.  Some parents invite disrespect into their homes, because they aren't very respectful of themselves.  They want to be called by first names.  They dress like school-aged kids.  They allow children to watch nasty things on the Internet and on TV.  They dress provocatively around children at home and don't care much to censor sexual activity with partner(s).   Look at the sheer number of parents who make media headlines because they did or said something offensive and a child became a part of the mayhem.  Meanwhile, children are off to foster care programs or worse headed to juvenile detention centers after following in mom or dad's footsteps.

There are those adults who frown at those who call them out on their negative tone of voice they use when asking for something.  They get an instant attitude when questioned about the way they respond to a request.  Standing nearby is usually an observant child who takes the parent's nasty ways all in--studying what mom or dad is doing and watching for results.

When we permit people to act disrespectful toward us and dismiss it as "nothing," "no big deal" then when is it considered something worth commenting on?  When do you say, "Pardon me, but I will not be treated this way, where is your manager?  or Excuse me, but watch your tone of voice with me."

I shudder at the sheer number of mean-spirited children raised by, nonchalant, self-absorbed, evil-speaking parents.  I can only wonder what might the future look like as we remove more and more rules from language, conduct, dress, and other things that have long kept members of society in control.

Nicholl McGuire

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