The Best Thing about Motherhood, The Worse

No matter what you might do to be content with being a parent, it will never be good enough.  You will have those moments that no words you might say to your children when it comes to disciplining, teaching, and encouraging them will be enough.  No amount of money and time spent with them will be enough.

Further, there are those times that you just don't explain things in the way you really, really want to communicate them--especially when you hear what you supposedly said back out of little lips.  The children missed the lesson, that's not what you meant, and how could they have heard that when you said XYZ?

The best thing about motherhood is knowing that somehow you were chosen out of all the women in the world that wanted to be moms and the worse is being held accountable for another human being's life--to much is given much is required.

You, a flawed human being who would have never thought in a thousand years that you were going to be a mom, much less the kind of mom you are today, became one anyway--chosen by a mighty Creator!  Be the circumstances right or wrong how your child or children arrived, their here and you still have some degree of sanity through it all!  God bless you!

What others meant for evil, what others thought was wrong, and what people said they could never do, you did--you brought life into the world and for that you are commended!  No holiday is necessary and no honor is required, because you know who you are and your purpose, be there for your children whether near or far through briers and thorns--be available.

So what comes next after another milestone is reached, a grade level is passed, a birthday is celebrated, a disappointment shows up, and a child is in trouble once again, another life lesson.  One more chance to do things like:  make up for past wrongs, teach a son or daughter a valuable lesson, give him or her a needed gift, and sit back and appreciate life with your child or children.

For we never know the day or hour when a goodbye might be our last one whether we say it to them or they say it to us.

Nicholl McGuire 

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