No Crying on Valentine's Day Mama

Whether young or old, mothers need not cry on Valentine's Day.  Some men just aren't going to do what's right no matter what you do for them.  Consider this a wake up call to those of you who feel undervalued, disrespected and ignored.  If you have communicated your concerns to your men and celebrate the holiday, yet partners don't acknowledge this, then what more do you ladies have to do, stand on your heads?

This is why one should not put much faith in man-made holidays like Valentine's Day or any other event.  Wives are to be appreciated any time of the year.  Don't allow the retail pressure to get to you or couples hand-holding and kissing to make you feel sad.  Also, don't feel obligated to do something or say something to cause drama in your household.  Relax.  Some men simply forget about holiday stuff or don't have the money to celebrate, but the good guys who know their partners love the holiday will make up for their absentmindedness later.  The good guys always come out winning, the bad ones not so much.

Reward yourself, mama!  Give yourself the love, peace, and happiness you so desperately want.  Put a flower on display in your household, cook your favorite meal, put on some music, and bask in the glow of loving and appreciating one's self.  If you are no good to you, how can you be to others?

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight at YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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