Mothers Can Be a Threat to Any Political Agenda, City Development... if They Were to Unify

In the past, I posted some videos about mothers doing great things to bring about change in their communities.  They didn't like a city development, they protested.  They were unhappy about public breast feeding issues, they did something about it.  They were angry about what the board of education was doing in their areas, they showed up at the meetings.  And the list goes on.  I have returned back to this topic, because I thought of those many manipulative strategies that have taken place over decades to keep mothers' minds in poor communities preoccupied on everything, but what really matters when it comes to:  personal development, economics, education, healthcare, government, and much more.  Examples are as follows:

1.  A bombardment of local promotions on things you really don't need.
2.  A favorite celebrity telling you what you ought to buy.
3.  More extracurricular activities to put your children in that do nothing more then take away your time to think about how you are being manipulated by others.
4.  Propaganda to get you to go along with rich men and women's agendas, rules, laws, etc.
5.  Soap operas, court television shows, reality TV, dramas, and anything else to keep you glued to a screen.
6.  Homework and more homework, school supplies, fund-raisers, and other things that relieve the teachers and the school budget.  Meanwhile, you work more, they take your money, and you aren't thinking too much at those Board and PTA meetings and school conferences when they expect you to do just one more thing to confuse the hell out of you concerning your child i.e.) Common Core.

If one is often busy with children, partner, job, and other related things, then who is really fighting for the rights of poor mothers or any mothers for that matter?  Who is pushing agendas to get impoverished women out of the house and back to work again?  Who is really concerned about low-income, yet educated women getting equal pay?  And who really benefits from jumping on the bandwagon of the Latest New Idea or being a spokesperson for Whatever Comes to Mind propaganda specifically designed to keep mothers from thinking beyond their daily responsibilities?

Let us be cautious of those who don't have children, yet are very vocal about mothers and their lifestyles often from a negative viewpoint like "Don't have anymore kids..." looks like you have a wounded leader/writer/counselor/educator with childhood issues trying to give you advice about motherhood that they took from mothers!  Let us also think twice about going along with popular opinion, agendas, and stories designed to pull on the heartstrings of mothers.  There is much money to be made from women with spouses and children and not all of the services and products offered are needed, useful or affordable to the working class/slaves.

If a mother is spending much money outside of her home, then she has very little left over to do the things that spiritually she has been called to do.  She makes no time to research the material she buys for her family, read anything to improve her personal development, or even pray for knowledge concerning issues that are systematically destroying her family.  She is often overwhelmed with making, spending and attempting to save money while meeting her family's needs. By nightfall, she is too mentally drained and physically tired to do much else.

Consider what I am saying as a prophetic warning for some of you readers, take your needed rest now, because in the future you will find that battles will continue on the home-front affecting your wallet, relationship and parenting--notice some of these television shows with their strange story-telling and twisted viewpoints that go against traditional morals and personal values.  Keep watch over what these teachers are sharing with your children and pay attention to media that they select for them to study.  In addition, be advised that many businesses benefit from couples separating and/or divorcing as well as having separate income.  So why would they encourage you to be together in a healthy, functional relationship?  From two places to stay rather than one to two individuals paying separate taxes on just about everything they own or lease, couples who are no longer together can be very profitable.  These broken people will need medicines for headaches and heartaches.  Their children might need counseling for any number of issues.  Loans will be needed to keep household finances afloat.  Daycare costs will increase.  Lawyers will be needed.  Government aid will be readily available.  And it all costs someone something--so be prepared to pay up!

In decades past, when agendas to liberate women took place, both young and old felt empowered and began to leave traditional roles of being wives, stay-at-home mothers (now called at-home mothers--business don't want you staying at home) and care takers to pursue dreams.  However, what really happened (and is still ongoing today) is that rich men are getting their dreams met off the backs of hard-working, underpaid women.  They are retiring to the comfort of sofas while mothers are still dealing with parenting issues, money challenges, household issues, and other things.  The last thing so-called good business men and women would want is for a mother to be at home with children--that is unless you threaten their positions or their beloved children.  In that case, stay at home mom! 

Those who study economic trends are working diligently to keep the women's movement going, but not in the traditional sense where cameras are rolling, women are burning bras, and other radical things.  The elite mothers are unified and working behind the scenes to get needs met regardless of petty differences.  You can't get a personal agenda accomplished if you are exposing your plans to the enemy.  Yet, the mom and pop group/chapter in your local area is having grievances over silly issues like what someone said or what he or she looks like, how an event is planned, and what money should be allocated to buy whatever (sigh).

So I see what is happening in mainstream media and in some ways I am quite pleased at what women are accomplishing in media, government, education, etc.  But I also noticed there is still a long road ahead.  Veteran actresses, educated women, and others are still selling their souls to the devil by saying and doing things that go against the wisest book on the face of this earth--The Bible.  Those that don't want change, find every way possible to block policies, laws, ideas, protests, and more.  While others who do want it, are willing to do just about anything to shake hands with the Devil.

If one is prepared to start or join a Holy Ghost inspired movement, she must be mentally, physically and spiritually strong.  Too often some ideas never move beyond mere thoughts, because a mother is not capable of handling the responsibilities that come with getting things done.  The rebellious mother has no reverence, desire, or understanding of spiritual things especially those that God has called her to do. 

If you are one that might have little time, but more money, then why not financially help your sister, who has her work prioritized and has the drive for the cause--find out what they might be, contact her?  If you have both little time and money, then why not provide resources that could be of assistance?  And for those who have time (that could be better used making a positive impact rather than watching TV, surfing the Internet or gossiping with family and friends), why not plan to start something beneficial to society or assist others with their grass root movements? 

Mothers (rich, poor, young, old, black and white) can be a threat to any establishment if they were to unify and elitists know this.  Joining popular groups, (owned by men with little regard for women's causes and make no impact where you live) is not necessarily the way to go since many that receive any form of government assistance are deemed nothing more than "agents" or watchdog groups.  Money-hungry mothers who belong to some of these, don't mind snitching on their sisters. 

If you are considering on joining any group or starting one, establish trust with those you know right where you are, fly under the radar (meaning don't advertise like you would for a corporation or have much human traffic in and out of your home), stay focused on your cause, and say no to useless groups, money-sapping causes, activities, places, and things that want nothing more than to use you, your children and your energy up so that you aren't concerned about your community, the United States or international issues that affect you and your family.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry and shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.


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