FunnyThings About Relationships and Children

Sometimes we forget about those funny, yet sad, things that change us since becoming mothers.
  • So you're not bothered too much when a partner or children comes into the bathroom to discuss their woes, huh?  You might even encourage them to share issues while saying, "Excuse the smell..."  I won't tell.

  • You don't think much about your nakedness when you scold your children for the umpteenth time about something on the way to the shower or argue with your partner about something that must get done now rather than later.  I mean, do you really stop mid-sentence to politely say, "Oh forgive me, I must go grab my robe? Please forgive the jiggling from my milk jugs while I talk... And another thing!"

  • No calls will be taken from in-laws or exes while your cooking, eating, cleaning, helping children, or anything else--hey your secret is safe with me.  We'll just pretend we missed the call.  "They can wait until next about next year for all I care! I have enough on my plate." Besides, the in-laws don't want the wife unless they haven't reached their dear son/brother/nephew/cousin anyway.  

  • You think about that man in the next room watching TV and you say to yourself, "When was the last time we had sex?  No really, when was it?"

  • Those needy kids (sigh).  "Seriously, I don't want to hear what your teacher said you need...Is she here?  Does she have the money to buy it?  I have enough trouble remembering what your father said." says mom who is busy once again swiping her debit card.

  • "Is that gray hair?  Wait a minute is that a line on my face?  Where the hell did these moles come from?  Who am I?" you hate the mirror yet?

  • "Honey, look at me?  Hey, honey do you see me?  Kids move out the way, honey, remember me?" Can you even recall the last time he looked you in your eyes?

Motherhood isn't all bad.

Nicholl McGuire shares insightful things to think about life at YouTube Channel: nmenterprise7

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