Top Ten Things My Sons Have Done This Summer that Drove Me Batty

In no particular order of importance the following are the issues I had to repeatedly handle and remind my hard-headed sons:

1. Don't come from outside and go into the refrigerator with dirty hands.
2. Refrain from discussing or participating in certain bodily functions at the dinner table.
3. Leave your brothers alone!
4. Avoid listening or watching anything that is sexual in nature. (Too bad I couldn't censor the prostitutes in the entertainment industry or walking along the street!)
5. Stop butting in when adults are having a conversation.
6. Read, write and learn something other than Nintendo DS. (I scheduled time during the day for all to read and complete worksheets.)
7. Stop blaming the other guy when you know you did it!
8. Don't lie to me!
9. Did you do your chores?
10. Did you brush your teeth, wash your face, and take a bath!

May the countdown back to school begin...

Nicholl McGuire

Health to Happiness

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