How to Be a Happy Stay at Home Mom - 5 Tips to Enjoying Full Time Motherhood

For a lot of us moms, being a stay at home mom is our dream come true but it can be a struggle to enjoy it to its fullest. Often we feel unappreciated, unloved and like we are loosing who we are, or used to be anyways. How to be a happy stay at home mom is not something we are taught, we must figure out what works for us. Here are five tips that can help the stay at home mom enjoy her job more.

How to be a happy stay at home mom tip # 1 is to be proud of what you do. There is that stigma attached to stay at home moms that we spend our days getting coffee with friends or at the mall; or maybe that we spend all day in front of the TV in our pyjamas, never shower and never comb our hair. Yeah right, we know what it is really like. Don't let other peoples opinions ruin how you feel about being a stay at home mom. Be proud of what you have chosen to do and know that many, many moms would love to have the opportunity to be with their children full time.

How to be a happy stay at home mom tip # 2 is not to dwell on your past life. Yes it was great when you could come and go when you pleased without the need for a babysitter. It was great to have money, sleep in once in a while and spend a rainy day on the coach watching movies. But that was then and this is now. Lots of moms, especially new ones, compare their current life to the one they had before children. This is a useless behaviour since you can't go back, and honestly would you trade your kids for that former life? Didn't think so! Count your blessings for your beautiful family.

How to be a happy stay at home mom tip #3 is to make time for your spouse. This is so important an often the first thing to go out the window once kids come into the picture. Date nights are great, but you don't always need to go through so much trouble. Find ways to connect at home with face-to-face interaction; it doesn't have to be a romantic getaway soap opera style to benefit from time alone together.

How to be a happy stay at home mom tip #4 is having grown up time. This is not the same as time with your spouse. This is time to interact with other adults besides your spouse. Being a full time mom means having minimal adult conversations on a daily basis, so get together with a girlfriend or two once or twice a month. This gives you something to look forward to and gets you talking in full sentences again!

How to be a happy stay at home mom tip #5 is to work on your own personal development. Many stay at home moms feel like they loose themselves and their self-esteem once they leave the workforce. Find ways to continue to build your self esteem and confidence. You can volunteer with a local charity which will help keep your skills such as time management, organization and service up to date. You can take a night or online course to update your educational credentials. Some moms take a self defence or martial arts class to build self-assurance in themselves. It is increasingly popular today for many moms to start their own small online business to build their independence, improve their skills and help with the family finances.

Being a happy stay at home mom is important for you and your children. When you are happy you will interact differently with your children. Using the tips above will help foster a great synergy between the you before you had kids and the you now as a full time mom. Be proud to hold the title of stay at home mom.

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