Son tells Mother, "You look like a boy!"

You may have saw the music videos and sang along, " a boy..." You know the ones about a woman reversing her role to act like the boyfriend who has hurt her--otherwise known as role reversal. You may not have thought much about these influential female artists trading places with men. They were communicating messages about how women can be just like men--they can get dirty and give them a dose of their own medicine, so we applaud! Those messages didn't mean anything much, right? Well, when the male side of you takes over the feminine, so much in fact your son says, "Hey mom, you look like a boy!" We have a problem!

One day while walking with my son, I was wearing the typical t-shirt and jeans, hair pulled back look I often wear. My son acted like this particular day it was a new look for me and commented how much I looked like a boy. He asked me, "How come you don't wear lipstick, where are your earrings? and how come you don't wear a dress?" I told him I do wear those things, but I didn't know when was the last time I looked like my feminine self. I mean I had been raising boys for awhile now and I guess I just took on some of their styles. I was trying to remember when I traded pants for a dress, then it dawned on me that I gave that up when one too many spots showed up on my clothes from sticky fingers and tear stains. I mean, to me, it was all a bit much for my hectic schedule with them to get all dolled up! But you know what, he had a point, I looked into the mirror one night and stared back at the reflection of "the boy me" and I didn't like it. I was a mother who looked like a boy. I had allowed four male personalities including the ex and the current father's styles to dominate my taste in clothes--it was time for a change.

I could have very well just been happy with what I saw, and told my son, "Why don't you put on a dress and see how it feels?" But he had a enough sense to know that obviously his mother wasn't herself these days. He remembered the feminine me and his alarm alerted me that I was slipping into a person that wasn't really reflecting me. I think sometimes that's what we need, someone who is going to not be accepting of every little thing we do and say. They serve as our warning when we find ourselves falling into some territories that could quite possibly be misconstrued. Maybe that's why some of those lesbians I ran into while walking were so friendly with me.

It seems these days it's all too cool for women (and girls) to wear what men wear, do what men do and even take a man's woman from him. The line between female and male seems to be rapidly blurring. A blending of the feminine and masculine is what some of the "powers that be" want. For some, they revel in the madness of having both a man and a woman in one body complete with supernatural and robotic abilities--a super human of sorts. So what does all of this have to do with the mother who lives in a small town out in the midwest? Well, if she is dressing her son like a girl and treating him like one then taking her daughter and treating her like a boy--alot! She most likely was influenced by the following: her own "tomboy" past, the things she has watched or read that reverse roles, been hurt or sexually abused by someone who she trusted or think that this is what is best for her children. She may have reasoned in her mind, "I see nothing wrong with my son carrying a purse or loving the color pink" as one woman told me. You see, it's all one big experiment orchestrated by people who have spent a lot of time studying the psychology of the brain. The average person doesn't like to read much less study about how to manipulate people into furthering one's agenda. These masterminds start their quest of study by simply asking one question that has a domino affect on others, "What might happen if we raise a boy to act like a girl and a girl to act like a boy?" Before long, you have a society of confused, peculiar people who have absolutely no morals! Once these children become mature there most likely will be a tug of war between what is natural to the female/male and what is unnatural. There is no need for a parent to be saddened even angered by the outcome, he or she created the mess. Then what do most people who create messes do? Try to package them in a way that we will swallow them--I don't think so!

by Nicholl McGuire

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