Stop Looking at Me and My Child with the Temper Tantrum!

"Okay, I'm guilty as charged! I brought the little boy into this world who knocked over your items in the store, interrupted your meal with all his crying while you tried to talk to your friend in peace, and snatched a book away from your child at the library. So for all of these things, I'm sorry! But must you give me that evil eye as if your child, niece, nephew or cousin never had a tantrum, crying spell, and/or whining episode in public!?"

If there is anything I hate, that's right I said hate, is a self-righteous, annal retentive observer who stares you down, because your child is having a bad day! I know what some of these folks are thinking, "I would never...she should spank him...what is wrong with him...what is wrong with her..."

It was one bad day and the sky is falling chicken little! What about all the other times my child was good, huh? No one said anything about those times, well yeah a few did-- God bless you for your encouragement! But for those others with their noses in the air, they have a lot of nerve! It's funny, because sometimes just when they are looking at me, their little angels start acting up too--I love it, sweet justice!

Nicholl McGuire

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