They Want Our Children

They call themselves mentor, recruiter, spiritual father, spiritual mother, counselor, teacher, priest, bishop, pastor, coach, and more. They disguise themselves with bright colorful words and phrases like, "I love children...I take care of children...I would never do anything to hurt your child..." Some of these people are honest, but others are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothing.

They most likely had been watching your child and mine for some time now waiting for the right time to make a move. The army recruiter bombards the child with dreams. The counselor convinces the child to go to a high-priced college knowing that he or she will be paying student loans back for the rest of his or her life. The relative fills your child's head up with ridiculous thoughts and now you have to try to undo everything that was taught. The teacher pushes lies about American history, religion, and science while your child questions you about every thing under the sun including your faith.

The satanist and the Christian wants your child, it's a battle of good and evil. What is your child's purpose in life? Will he or she be used for good or for evil? Whose side are you on? Some parents go for the middle of the road not interested in either side. To each his own, but at some point in life, someone will be picking a side especially in times of trouble. If the believer in Satan is around your child, he will promise fame and fortune. If the believer in Christ is around your child, he will promise life after death. Whichever road your child chooses, it will be difficult. Go straight up the middle and all his or her life will be plagued with, "Should I? Shouldn't I?" This is why it is up to the parent to teach his or her child basic principles that will help him or her mentally, physically and spiritually survive in this mean world.

If we don't bother to teach our children, no worries someone else will be more than happy to give our sons and daughters a foundation based on their life experiences. The older manipulative man will teach a daughter without her father's influence. The older seductive woman will teach a son without his mother's influence. Children everywhere will be taught by other children who have been taught by all sorts of people and things including dark entities of this world. Don't take my word for it, just watch some of the shows your child is watching and listen to some of the music. Someone or something wants them.

Nicholl McGuire

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