Your Husband, Boyfriend Won't Give You What Daddy Didn't

Seeking genuine love, affection, appreciation and more from a spouse or live-in companion can be self-defeating when he or she is unwilling or doesn't know how to do these things.  People just can't give you what they don't have nor can they satisfy innate desires especially when you have a history of "Daddy Issues."  Daddy didn't love mother and children, Daddy was too busy, Daddy had better things to do, Daddy was often frustrated and angry with us, Daddy had mental illness, Daddy's parents didn't love or care for him...and so all this stuff gets dumped on us somehow some way and we are encouraged to deal with it, "That's just how your father is." 

In my nonfiction book, Say Goodbye to Dad, written for those women and men who feel fatherless, and are seeking a deeper understanding as to how to break free from toxic emotional ties with their fathers, these topics and more are discussed.  I share some personal experiences, but the majority of the guide is directed toward presenting the struggles and finding the solace through the painful memories.

Life is simply too short to go about it wishing/hoping/praying for something that a partner, a father or a substitute just can't provide you, Mother.  The emotionally and physically draining one-sided relationship does impact you down to your very soul and then spills over onto children and grandchildren.  In Say Goodbye to Dad not only do I provide you with trusted research into various difficult personalities, but I expose the wounds and share tips on how to get on the fast track toward healing and come out of trials with a smile on your face!  There are enough issues one has to face in his or her own family let alone having to deal with Daddy related stuff as well when you don't have to or want to.

It is a damn good feeling to finally be free from fear, worry, and other toxic parental programming brought on by self and dysfunctional kinfolk--trust me, I have done it!  I want my readers to feel empowered, have courage and know that everything isn't going to fall apart because you are protecting yourself and your children from further emotional upset and other things connected to a dysfunctional father. 

You can parent better when you experience peace and no longer pain from the past.  You can also be a good partner to someone who loves you much or you can free yourself from a bad relationship decision as a result of a toxic tie to Dad. 

So check out a free sample of my nonfiction book, Say Goodbye to Dad  (use coupon code BP69U for a limited time only).  Now if your father isn't the issue, but your mother is a burden, then check out Tell Me Mother You're Sorry (use coupon code NK75A for a limited time only) that encourages self-awareness solutions on dealing with mother manipulation.

Nicholl McGuire, When Mothers Cry Blog Owner

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