The Pushback from Children, The Push to Get It Done or Else

If we said it once, said it twice, three times or more, yet our children still don't hear, forgot, or don't know what on earth we are talking about.  These moments are what makes us wish at times we could drive the children to the nearest store and ask for a refund.  "What do you mean you didn't hear me?  What are you talking about, that is not what I said!  Did you forget, I have been on this planet for how many years...I think I know when someone isn't telling the truth!"  So they push back with their smart comments, deep sighs, stomps, eye rolls, muttering under their breath, door slamming, throwing toys, fall outs onto the floor, yelling, or whatever else they think will do the trick to work your last nerve.  But tough moms don't give up!  We stand our ground come hell or high water and if dad wants to know what is going on, we respond, "You can deal with them."  The joys of parenting. -- Nicholl McGuire 

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