Enlightened but Not Crazy - When Talking to Partner About Bad News Concerning Children

You didn't anticipate that some unflattering news about your children was going to lead to a full blown argument with their father, but depending on the kind of person he is, it most always will.  Prideful, self-absorbed fathers don't want to hear anything that might make them look bad.  This is why many dads are quick t shut out conversation about their unruly offspring.

You are made aware of some things about your child or children you don't like, but as a mother your job is to handle all issues whether father is around or not.  You want details about your child, who was there, what happened, and more.  After obtaining as much as you can about a situation, you are interviewing people like a reporter.  You separate truth from fiction and now you are ready to provide your partner with your findings.

Now some fathers could care less about negative events since they are not proactive in their children's lives and others are over-the-top almost sounding like they are punishing you for not doing what they feel was a good enough job. 

Critical partners will say many negative things to the point that you feel like you are going crazy!  However, you are not.  Sometimes fake concern from an ineffective Dad or crazy concern from a demanding father can push not only children, but you too over the edge.  Yet, you know full well you did what you could to remedy a situation between your children and others.

Always keep in mind that it is indeed a battle being a good mother when a partner is not doing his or her part.  It can be a struggle parenting children in a poor relationship, but press on anyway!  Even if that one you created or adopted a child with never shows any appreciation for all that you do concerning your children, just remember your son(s) and daughter(s) will one day thank you!

Nicholl McGuire has been through the fire but came out like the three Hebrew boys.  Stay strong Mom, the best is still yet to come!  Check out another blog by this blogger Everything You Need to Know About Parents, Babies and Children 

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