Work at Home Mothers - A Cry for those Ripped Off by Companies Promising Incentives Using Referral Links

For years I have shared referral links of various companies' products and services on and offline with stay-at-home mothers, retirees, unemployed, disabled, and students.  I will be the first to admit that I had to follow up, sometimes even get firm with some professionals and business owners who either didn't track referrals like they claimed they would, flat out didn't want to pay incentives, or some other reason as to why monies didn't come for me.

Now let's face it, not everyone we recommend via referral link will buy or join a club and that's okay, but when you notice zero clickthroughs and you know for certain a family member or friend at least visited the site, if nothing else, there is something wrong.  This was a clue for me and I immediately contacted customer support and asked them to check my account, the link, etc.

I think if more of us would check our links, follow up rather than give up, especially when suddenly both traffic and money has stopped coming in, we could put a stop to some of these companies ripping us and others off!  Some of us put in hours sharing links, talking about links, referencing links, and creating tracking links of the links, that to be unfairly treated or for a company to misrepresent what they can do for us, is wrong!  And I challenge you work at home mothers to do something about it today!  Leave comments on sites like mine, create videos about shady companies, alert the people who promote for these companies on places like YouTube, and more.

The minute you notice something is fishy with some of these businesses who specifically target us and others, call them out!  If they don't want to make wrongs right, then visit the Better Business Bureau about their deceptive marketing and also alert people who visit RipOff Report, Yelp and other consumer review sites.

I am disappointed and fed up with companies taking advantage of us mothers.  They know full well what they are doing when they can clearly see we are driving traffic to their sites and many of them are reaping profits, yet they don't acknowledge or reward us for our hard work.  To date, I am reviewing all affiliate sites I have partnered with and if my links are not active and I don't see rewards, I will be spreading the word about them.  I already have some assistants on standby that are more than happy to use social media to make a point--we will not be taken for granted just because we work from home for any number of reasons and need money a bit more than those who work outside of the home.

So I encourage all of you who market other people's products and services on and offline and you noticed for months (or even years) you haven't been able to make a sell despite all of the efforts and instructions from gurus you have been given, and your referral links were working, but now they are not.  Be very suspicious.  Some companies might be changing any number of website related upgrades--wouldn't it make sense for them to alert you about that?  Others may not be doing anything, but deactivating referral links or redirecting them to official pages and then reaping the benefits. 

Around the web, some of the best sellers suddenly found that they had problems cashing out, links didn't work, and more.  Reporters need to investigate and learn more about these kinds of profit rip-offs via the Internet that have been going on for decades!  Don't be na├»ve.  Personally, I have been working online on and off since 2000, so you can only imagine the things I have seen and been through online.

Nicholl McGuire

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