I Took the Time to Pray with My Children

I will be the first to admit there was a long drought season where I didn't pray with my children.  You get overwhelmed with parenting, tired of bedroom battles, etc.  By nightfall, you just want to rest.  But since they are getting older and calming down, it has been a pleasant experience praying with them.

During this quiet time, they talk of their troubles like bad things kids say and do and they pray for their class (like behaving, following instructions, hoping to have a good day, etc.  They ask me questions about things they may not understand.  So that the discussions are not long, we stick to a routine.  I pray, one child prays, and the other.  When my older ones are around they have joined in on discussions, listened to bible reading and prayed too.  There isn't much talking afterward.  This takes about 15 minutes, some days longer, or other times shorter.  I rolled back the bedtime so this could be done.

We have seen results since doing this: troublesome children have become distant, teachers seem to be doing well mentally and physcially, the sick have been made well quite rapidly, unexpected blessings, etc. and more.  Both children are at the top of their classes in different subject areas.

So do take a moment, pray for your children, their friends, teachers, and share burdens with an awesome God!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7. 

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