12 Things You Can Do When Your Children Aren't Around

Are you constantly putting things off because your children keep disrupting the time you need to get things done?  Soon you will have that much needed time for yourself and you will want to take advantage of it.  Sometimes when the opportunity comes, we fail to do some things on our wish lists, because we simply forget!  So here are 10 things that might serve as reminders for you.  Post them somewhere so you can see them, then when that unexpected time to be alone comes, you will be ready!  You might want to create task lists to get things done related to:  family, personal development, social life, health, finances, work, home, fun, spirituality, and community related activities.  This is helpful when it comes to jogging your memory on what you have been putting off for a long time including those bookmarked links you were supposed to read or YouTube videos you said you would watch later--what else might be on your computer you could be enjoying?

1.  Check your electronic devices to see what notes you might have but forgot about. (Did you return phone calls or make important ones yet?)  You could also clean devices both inside and out.

2.  Window shop and compare prices.  Definitely a must-do when children aren't around, because you are better able to focus on your shopping lists.

3.  Attend a movie, visit a park, walk a museum, or do something that takes your mind off home life.

4.  Enjoy breakfast or lunch at a restaurant you always wanted to go to but couldn't because you didn't want to take kids.

5.  Meet relatives, friends or co-workers at a social event i.e.) wedding, baby shower, funeral, etc.

6.  Get your nails done.  Isn't it so nice to see freshly manicured nails?

7.  Go to church or bible study.  Sometimes being around like-minded folks does wonders!

8.  Clean and organize your home. (See my blog on organizing here.)

9.  Transfer photos from digital camera, print and organize.  Mail photos to distant relatives.  People enjoying seeing things in the mail besides junk and bills.

10.  Spend time with your husband.  When was the last time you made love?

11. Work-out.  Are you happy with what you see in the mirror?

12.  Work your home business.  What tasks have you been putting off that is keeping you from making supplemental income?

You probably can think of 12 more things.  But whatever you come up with, be sure you are making the best use of your free time!  I will tell you from personal experience, I actually feel better when I know that I didn't spend my valuable free time doing things like chatting too long with loved ones, surfing the Internet, or doing tasks that could be done when the children are around.  So start enjoying that much needed free time!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7

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