Don't Give Up on Your Children!

When everyone else says that your child will not, can not, or never will, there is nothing wrong with being that one voice that says, "Oh no he won't be that...he will be this...and I am not going to permit that!" 

Today, I encourage all mothers reading this who are going through hard times with children to continue to seek information you need to help your children--look high and low!  I hold every mother accountable, including myself, that we will do as much as we can for our children mentally, physically, and spiritually as our Creator wills. 

No more excuse making, lip service, and saying, "One day we will..."  Nope.  Start doing something today that will assist your child (or children).  Maybe you might have to get some things started, spend more money, get more people involved, or spend longer hours getting needed help.  For some of you, talking to the child's father (or others) to make necessary arrangements will need to be done.
If writing letters to many, many organizations to help stimulate a change will help you and your child, then do it!  If you need to cut someone or something out of your child's life because they are delaying progress, then do it.  Too often we fear what might happen in the future if this thing or that thing is or isn't done.  Cast away that fear!  So how do you do that?  You get started.  You look fear in the face and you keep moving! (See Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, if you are in a troubled relationship.) 

We are all in a season of challenges in order to prepare us for more troubles ahead, but we will survive because we are learning from the experiences we are dealing with now!  Some of us have more difficulties than others, but we are still breathing, aren't we?  We are still awaking each day caring for children.  We are still putting up with people and things involved in our children's lives (even if we don't particularly like the people or the situations), but we know for now, they are what's best--praise God, no storm lasts forever!

No matter what we go through as mothers, we must remember that our children never asked us while we were love-making, "Hey, could I come to this planet?"  They came about whether we were prepared or not, we had the option to choose and we chose life!  Therefore, we must not give up on them.  Train your child for as long as he or she is in your care--do the very best you can, mom!

Nicholl McGuire 

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